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  1. Phil S

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Thanks everybody. Pictures would be great. There is a gallery already setup in Media-events-shop crawls- Raleigh shop crawl 2019
  2. Phil S

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop WINSTON SALEM GRAND ReOpening & Anniversary Sale DECEMBER 7th

    Looks like you planned a great event. Sorry I have to miss it
  3. Phil S

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Yes I am looking forward to seeing everybody. Right now I am about half way through making a very big pot of chili. I tripled a old recipe, it is in my handwriting but I have now idea when I wrote it out. I hope I saved it because it was good. I will meet up with everybody at the Raleigh...
  4. Phil S

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    I am glad to announce we have two more crawlers Gene Dixon (Dee2) and his wife Sally
  5. Phil S

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Private Messages (conversations) were sent to all Please get with me if you do not receive yours
  6. Phil S

    Free lights

    I found 5 more so here is the list Berta 5 Frankc4113 3 Dee2 6 agrieco 4 davidk 2 w battery 2 later in Dec golfdad 2 later in Dec That fills everybody's need I really need these picked up on Sunday morning 8am 900 Main Campus Drive Raleigh Phil 919-427-9743
  7. Phil S

    Free lights

    Sorry they are gone
  8. Phil S

    Free lights

    I will rethink - as almost every company is buying new LED fixtures I have tossed at least 300 fixtures this past year
  9. Phil S

    Free lights

    I seem to remember another stock pile of these lights. Tomorrow I will get an updated count, hopefully I can fill all of the needs. They will be available at 900 Main Campus Drive on the NCState campus. I will be onsite at 7:45 am on Sunday and I hope to leave by 8:15
  10. Phil S

    Free lights

    How many do you need?
  11. Phil S

    Free lights

    I have not given any lights away for awhile. I have just been tossing the old fluorescent fixtures in hope that everybody would opt for more energy efficient LED lights. Nobody has been giving away LED fixtures until now. I have 15 2x4 LED fixtures that need a new home/shop. These are good...
  12. Phil S

    Cyprus strips for canoe building

    I have a good friend that is making a stripper canoe. I told him to make some extra strip and he made way too many. Now he has 80 strips for sale. Each is 3/4 x 1/4 x 144" and are milled with a cove and bead. All are vertical grain cyprus. 80 strips are enough to make a standard size canoe...
  13. Phil S

    Knew Concepts saw

    I am with Robb. The frames are so strong which keeps the blade tensioned correctly and cutting where you expect. I do not remember where I bought mine, but it was less $ because it does not have a lever for tension nor does the blade rotate. I seem to remember around $60 for the base model I...
  14. Phil S

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    I am happy to announce the addition of Raleigh Reclaimed to our shop crawl. William (Billy) Keck, the owner, will give us a private tour of the largest woodworking shop in Wake County, plus he will describe all of the services he has to offer to our group. Also they sell wood, mostly walnut...
  15. Phil S

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    The planning stage is almost complete. Unfortunately one of our host had to drop due to a plumbing disaster and the effects are still being repaired. I am attempting to add a tour of a local commercial shop that also offers help to local woodworkers. I will get that finalized on Monday. The...
  16. Phil S

    Tea table

    Great work
  17. Phil S

    Loss of power? - Delta Contractor's TS

    There are two windings in that motor, a start and a run or main winding. The start winding is switch controlled - the switch that you was not working until you blew out the dust. I suspect the main windings are dead and you are now running on only the start - basically your motor is down to...
  18. Phil S

    Needing use of large planer for one board -- near Cary

    I am in NE Raleigh I have a 15 inch and would be glad to help
  19. Phil S

    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - work in progress

    Getting there but much more to do Box is on the wall and the hand plane storage on the rear layer is 75% complete
  20. Phil S

    Bloxygen results

    I use a 5 second blast from a propane torch

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