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  1. awldune

    Friday & Saturday - Indoor Yard Sale, Tools, Craft WOOD for WOODTURNING, Chainsaw, ETC (Cary) There is some maple burl here for @PChristy . No idea what kind of prices the seller is asking.
  2. awldune

    Free 6'' Jointer and Floor Drill Press in Apex While it lasts...
  3. awldune

    RDU CL: Delta wood lathe - $300 (Garner) No picture of the actual lathe, but this would seem like a good deal with a Nova chuck included.
  4. awldune

    Delta 1460 Lathes on CL Someone is selling 3 Delta 1460 lathes. Old iron. The one selling for $200 would be a great price if you are into old lathes.
  5. awldune

    DIY Nova bed extension

    I have the Nova 1624 lathe, which is great except that the bed is quite short. I turn mostly bowls, but the tail rest gets in the way of my long-handled gouges. Nova wants about $200 for their OEM extension, so I figured I would take a stab at a shopmade one. The extension is 12'' long and...
  6. awldune

    First try at a natural edge bowl

    My first try at a natural edge bowl. Red maple. The blank had some punky spots on the edges, so it made sense to try it "backwards" instead. The bark didn't want to stay on. Do you use CA glue if you want to keep it? Finish is beeswax in walnut oil.
  7. awldune

    Turning and wood-eating insects

    I guess this is my first post here, but I have been reading the forums here for a while. I've been turning for about a year now, and my garage has been filling up with shavings and with green wood. I noticed recently that some of my wood has woodworms in it. I have encountered tracks in old...

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