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  1. Skymaster

    Should I separate my shop to its own sub panel?

    1000 amp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO put panel in workshop, just run a 110 20 amp circuit to the front. :D :D :eek::eek:;););)
  2. Skymaster

    Carpentry Compiler

    that is taking a simple birdhouse and creating a massive govt program to justify the cost over ride from 1 dollar to 1 million dollars :oops: :oops: :oops:
  3. Skymaster

    220v extension cords

    i have run my 220 on 12/3 the most IMPORTANT part is what is amps of heater, almost all can run safely on 10 ga which is 30A 12 is 20A
  4. Skymaster

    Lowes changes to Military Discount

    Agree with that thanks
  5. Skymaster

    Lowes changes to Military Discount

  6. Skymaster

    Knew Concepts saw

    Looks like a highly overpriced coping saw. 10 bucks and it rotates ;) ;) :) :) :oops::oops:
  7. Skymaster

    replacing Workmate tables

    Great story
  8. Skymaster

    Loss of power? - Delta Contractor's TS

    if possible run 220 not 110
  9. Skymaster

    Turkey Day

    HAPPY HAPPY and safe turkey day to all yalls
  10. Skymaster

    Need input on shop window size

    Wood knot bring glass close to bench height, one slip and there goes your window. I would make what size you have but in an active window, this way can open and with screens ventilate if needed or just enjoy the open windows. AVOID Mr Inspector at all costs. plus no visible changes, no questions...
  11. Skymaster

    Leaking Air Compressor

    that is a compression fitting. looks like you may have to replace that tubing and the compression fitting. that tube very important as it sends pressure to the pressure controller.
  12. Skymaster

    Leaking Air Compressor

    yessir pipe disconnected from pressure switch
  13. Skymaster


    Back to you brother USAF 1957 to 1961
  14. Skymaster

    Dont know how long this will last. Jet 12" parallel clamps.

    Facebook has that BEAT, A KUBOTA TRACTOR WITH BUCKET AND BACKHOE ATTACHMENT REDUCED FROM 13,OOO TO 289.00 o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O :eek::eek::eek::eek: brand new
  15. Skymaster

    Screwing and Gluing Joints

    Yessir the screw acts as a clamp until glue dries, allowing you to keep on working
  16. Skymaster

    AFCI breakers tripping

    remove the afci breaker and replace with standard breaker, when work is finished, then put afci back
  17. Skymaster

    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs help fom Woodworkers

    OK Tho I am still stil down I will see what I can do
  18. Skymaster

    Phenolic Resin from Bruce

    be sure to use a gun tap rather than a bottoming tap
  19. Skymaster

    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs help fom Woodworkers

    I will check next time I am there. we have to decide if we want to, how many we want to make. FIRST we need to know IF they even want them any more.
  20. Skymaster

    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs help fom Woodworkers

    Mocksville is 2.6 hrs each way from me. OUCH

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