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  1. Bill Clemmons

    Poor Man's Hoist

    Good solution to a weighty problem. I think we're all getting a little too old for that heavy lifting stuff.
  2. Bill Clemmons

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    We were hoping you wouldn't notice. ;)
  3. Bill Clemmons

    Carbide tools ??

    I bought a set of 3 tools from them and turned my own handles. They work great and the total price was just under $100.
  4. Bill Clemmons

    Raleigh area SHOP Crawl - 12/7/19 Updated 12/4/19

    Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to be one of the dropouts. Found out today the grand-kids are coming this weekend and I definitely don't want to miss them. Been too long since we saw them. I hope everyone has a good time and enjoys the day. Sorry I'll miss it.
  5. Bill Clemmons

    If you just gave up?

    I couldn't sell my tools if I wanted to. The kids and grand-kids have all laid claim to "their" tool of choice. They're just waiting for me to slide the other foot in the grave before they swoop in and clean everything out. ;)
  6. Bill Clemmons

    Excellent customer service from FastCap (GluBot)

    Good to know Mark. Thanks. I'm on my 3rd 16 oz. GluBot for the same reason as you. Had no idea they were guaranteed. And I love dealing w/ a company that has good customer service and stands behind it products.
  7. Bill Clemmons

    Tea table

    Beautiful job, Jim.
  8. Bill Clemmons

    Shop Build

    What a great shop space. Congrats Mike.
  9. Bill Clemmons

    Spray booth Spray area

    PM sent.
  10. Bill Clemmons

    Auction Sale

    Thanks Lecil. PSA: To all my friends suffering from WGD (Wood Guy Disease), PLEASE, PLEASE do not attend this auction. I don't think our 12 step program can withstand the temptation. That is all. o_O
  11. Bill Clemmons

    Cheap Tools

    That was one of the first things I noticed years ago about steel tools coming out of China. The steel is soft. I first saw it w/ six-point sockets. They would round-out on the inside.
  12. Bill Clemmons

    Spray booth Spray area

    When I built my shop I included a 12' x 12' room dedicated to finishing, including spraying. Think about the largest piece you are likely to ever build, then think about fitting it in the finish room, w/ room to move around it. Also think about getting it into and out of the room. I use a...
  13. Bill Clemmons

    250th Segmented Turning

    Dang Charlie, I got dizzy when I first looked at that. Almost cycadelic. Definitely another masterpiece.
  14. Bill Clemmons


    Good to hear from you, Bob. I think you joined us for a few of our monthly lunches in Greensboro awhile back. We'd enjoy having you come again anytime you're able.
  15. Bill Clemmons

    Sanding error

    Glad you were able to get it out David. Although under some circumstances those marks could have been described as "character". ;)
  16. Bill Clemmons

    Leaking Air Compressor

    Just in case it is the tank leaking, it might be repairable, depending on the extent of the damage. Most people neglect to drain the moisture from their tank on a regular basis, which leads to rust in the bottom of the tank. If it is a small area, you might be able to have it welded by a...
  17. Bill Clemmons

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Tuesday

    Don't know about y'all, but I''m ready for some friendly face time w/ my woodworking friends. How about this coming Tuesday (19th), 11:30 at The Moose Cafe. See y'all there.
  18. Bill Clemmons

    A Recent Table Project

    As always, Dave, your SketchUp models are beautifully done. I can only dream. :rolleyes:
  19. Bill Clemmons

    Intro of me (oka) albeit late

    Thanks for the intro, Casey. I confess to being curious about 'Oka' but your reason certainly makes sense, and very practical. I agree w/ you about the down-to-earth character of NCWW. That's why I've stayed w/ this site long term but abandoned some of the others I tried. Our monitors do a...
  20. Bill Clemmons

    Poplar Bench

    Very nice. Great figure in the wood.

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