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    Need to cut metal table saw rails, where?

    I dont want to mess up my kapex miter saw, so thinking of taking the rails and tube somewhere to get cut. Its a sawstop and I need to shrink it down. It's the big one and I want to cut off about 14" so I can actually use it in my shop. Any recommended places that can do a clean cut in the...
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    12" Craftsman press $179 Mine came in a few days ago and it works well...
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    I bought this hoping to learn how to do it and then an x-carve followed me home one day from craigslist. Instead of it sitting and collecting dust I thought it could use a new home. Everything works great, will come with some blades. Stand has wheels on it. Located in N Raleigh. Just trying to...
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    Looking for a Laguna or Rikon bandsaw 14"

    If anyone has a Laguna or a Rikon 14" bandsaw in the Triangle and willing to part with it let me know. Looking for 12"+ resaw capability. I plan to buy a new one next week when they go on sale but thought I would try this first. Not interested in the older Delta style ones.
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    Sjorberg Bench or something different?

    I built a bench and it serves its purpose but I want something smaller for my shop. Looking at getting this From woodcraft or klingspors. This is about my max budget and size is also good for me. Any other brand...
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    Need a 12" wide walnut board in the Triangle 4/4

    Anyone have one I can buy from you? Looking for 4/4 because I dont have a big enough bandsaw to break it down. 6' in length or even more would be great.
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    Dewalt DWS780 Miter saw (12" sliding dual bevel)

    Super nice saw with XPS light. It goes for $529 at Home Depot. I used it for about a year and a half as a personal tool. I not a handyman or GC so just trim projects around the house. Saw is in excellent condition. Located in N Raleigh. Asking $399 but will sell for $375 to members here. Stand...
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    Heating my shed this winter

    I built a 12x20 this year. Its not insulated but have drywall up. Walls are 8' and the ceiling pitches up to 12'. I have 2 20 amp circuits going to the shed but no 220. Im kind of leaning towards a propane heater I can fire up for a few minutes to warm things up and turn it off. However wont my...
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    Looking for a floor drill press in the Triangle area

    Anyone in the Triangle have a floor standing drill press they want to part with? I have a bench top but need to use it for taller pieces. If not im going to get the Wen for $415. I dont need anything super high end, just need to drill some holes in taller pieces once in a while.
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    SOLD Festool OF 1010 EQ plus router SOLD

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    Should I get the contractor or professional sawstop

    I was at Klingspors yesterday and got to see the demo in person. Sold Currently have a delta, the one you buy at Lowes for $600. Its a great saw and the size works well for my 12x20 space. I cant go much larger and it needs to be on a mobile base. Heres what im considering Contractor with...
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    Where can I find walnut plywood near raleigh?

    I need some walnut plywood for a project and trying to find where I can buy a sheet. Where can I find it and any idea of what the cost of it is?
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    Is this a good lathe? Rikon 70-220VSR Very new to turning and looking for a machine I can grow into a little bit. Would like to stick with smaller items for the foreseeable future. Shop space is limited so a bench top one is preferred. Woodcraft has it for $699 plus 15% off. Looked on...
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    Delta Midi Lathe LA200 wont turn on

    I am brand new to turning. By brand new I mean I have turned 2.5 things so far. I was rounding off some glued up stock and I heard a noise and saw a spark. I couldnt tell where it came from but I think it came from the lathe. Breaker didnt trip and no issues with the outlet, but my lathe wont...
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    Looking for a Festool Domino and sander

    If anyone has one they would like to sell send me a pm. Im located in the Raleigh area. Open on the type of sander. Rotex preferred but willing to consider others.
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    New shop, question about venting dust collection outside

    Built a 12x20 shed. Bought a harbor freight dust collector and would like the cleanest air I can possibly get so I want to vent everything outside. No separator, filters, or anything. Just eject everything outside. Shed is not heated or cooled and wont ever be. It backs up to woods. No concerns...
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    Plywood plank flooring for new shop?

    Just built a 12x20 shed that will be used mostly for woodworking. I have the subfloor down now and was thinking of putting something over that is not too permanent. If I get tired of it or damage it badly I would like to tear it up without destroying the subfloor. I plan to have most of my tools...
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    Can I store wood under my shed?

    Just finishing up my shed by this weekend. My lot slopes so the back end of my shed is about 4' off the ground. I was thinking of building something underneath to hang down so I could store wood under there. I have about 300bf of 4/4 walnut. Is there any reason I shouldn't do this? It would not...
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    Looking to buy jointer in the Triangle area

    Looking to buy a 6" jointer in the Triangle area. Bench top or a standing unit is fine. Not looking for a restoration project, would like something relatively newer with good blades still. Looking to buy ASAP

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