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  1. sawman101

    Knew Concepts saw

    You had me with KNEW SAW, I thought you meant you were looking to buy just a plain GNU saw.
  2. sawman101

    Shop cleanup - miscellaneous *UPDATED FOR SHOP CRAWL*

    Well I was careful not to call him a "hoer," which might mean he is "cultivated."
  3. sawman101

    Carpentry Compiler

    HUH? o_O
  4. sawman101

    Shop cleanup - miscellaneous *UPDATED FOR SHOP CRAWL*

    Did I spell that right?
  5. sawman101

    Shop cleanup - miscellaneous *UPDATED FOR SHOP CRAWL*

    TELL ME IT AIN'T SO, Bas SELLING SOMETHING?! You're gonna put a dent in your reputation as our top tool whorder!
  6. sawman101

    1/8” blade on Grizzly G0555

    No reason to ever mess with bottom wheel unless you just rebuilt the machine. If the blade you were using tracked, so will a smaller or larger size band. Don't mess with bottom wheel.
  7. sawman101

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop WINSTON SALEM GRAND ReOpening & Anniversary Sale DECEMBER 7th

    Berta, I won't be there after all. I have to pick up a friend and be at the Hickory store for the Western Piefmont Meeting and Christmas party, then zip over to Newton for the Hobo Dinner at the Train Depot band Museum, then home to freshen up for or AmVets Post 76 Christmas Dinner. I know it's...
  8. sawman101

    Consideraing getting a metal machine which would be more useful.

    Many of the used metal lathe and mills available for sale have 3 phase motors on them. Those would require changing the motor out and replacing with a single phase unit, or installing a phase converter to power it up. Be sure you know the phase requirements on the unit you are looking at. My...
  9. sawman101

    another table...

    Looks to be well crafted Mark! Nice table and great job!
  10. sawman101

    SOLD 12-1/2” Belsaw Planer $450

    Never had the molder/planer but I owned 3 different Belsaw saw mills. Only had 2 of them running, but at different times in my life. They are good, well thought out and engineered machines. I had always hoped to buy a Belsaw molder/planer but they were of a much higher value than I could come up...
  11. sawman101

    The Woodworking Source reopening on Saturdays

    Welcome to you and your wife Boyd, I hope you have many very successful years ahead of you!
  12. sawman101

    Christmas gift ideas for the woodworker

    This is a true story! I like giving gifts more. For instance, a few years ago, I bought a cement mixer, one of the really good, heavy duty and well used models, at a farm auction. When I got home I asked my wife to help me get it out of the truck. "What is this thing?" she asked. "It's your...
  13. sawman101

    Loss of power? - Delta Contractor's TS

    I replaced the capacitor in the motor for a 1950's Craftsman band saw I refurbished for a friend. The connections to the capacitor had corroded and fallen off. I was unable to exactly match the capacitor for physical size, but otherwise it was electrically correct. I had to use the cardboard box...
  14. sawman101

    Kickback in Action

    Not only do those yellow or red plastic push sticks not go far enough, they shatter quite impressively when they touch the blade even just a tiny bit!o_O
  15. sawman101

    Turkey Day

    Being a man of (quite a) few words, let me just say Happy Thanksgiving Day to you Dirk, and to our entire NCWW family. One of my greatest blessings, right after being an American, is my NCWW family! To each and everyone of you and yours, I want to extend Thanksgiving blessings to all of you! On...
  16. sawman101

    Forstner Bits

    You sir, are an enabler! I have been enrolled in the NCWW 12 Step Toolaholic Program for many years now, and I just fell off the wagon AGAIN! It looks like the program has once again come up at least one small step short for man, but one giant step for tool sellers!...….;)…......
  17. sawman101

    Unexpected visitor checking my glue joints.

    Yup, that looks like an INSECTOR to me.
  18. sawman101

    Recent projects, new techniques, and new toys

    You've been busy Bradley! Nice craftsmanship!
  19. sawman101

    Spice Grinders

  20. sawman101

    Sea Urchin

    WOW! I thought it was real!

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