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  1. awldune

    Cheap Tools

    What brand (if any) is stamped on the handle? Not to excuse the steel quality, but the tool appears to be a large spindle gouge rather than a bowl gouge.
  2. awldune

    How to Remove a stuck faceplate? EDIT - Accomplished

    Great to hear it is finally taken care of!
  3. awldune

    How to Remove a stuck faceplate? EDIT - Accomplished

    Strap wrenches should be easy to find at home improvement stores and auto parts stores. They are also handy to have around for opening jars :)
  4. awldune

    How to Remove a stuck faceplate? EDIT - Accomplished

    Absolutely. Some folks above have expressed concerns that the index pin might be damaged, but I'm not sure.
  5. awldune

    How to Remove a stuck faceplate? EDIT - Accomplished

    I'm confused about this. The headstock lockpin is supposed to prevent the headstock from pivoting. It is not related to the spindle. Unless it somehow does both? I have a Nova 1644 and I have always used the index pin when removing my chuck.
  6. awldune

    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    If you have some really big pieces of crape myrtle and can eliminate the pith, you can make things out of it. It has a bad smell when you cut it. It is reasonably hard but sort of stringy and coarse-grained. I have not had much luck turning it. It likes to tear out.
  7. awldune

    Tenoning jig?

    Of possible interest:
  8. awldune

    Tenoning jig?

    I have the Delta jig. It is very tedious to dial in the setting, but if you are making a piece (or especially, multiple pieces) that has a lot of tenons, the jig will let you make all of them exactly the same size.
  9. awldune

    I wish I was closer.... C/L deal.

    Hard to tell from the photo but it looks to be about 28-30 planes.
  10. awldune

    New lathe finished

    You'll want a chuck if you don't have one. A "slow speed" bench grinder such as the Rikon 8'' A gouge sharpening jig such as the Wolverine.
  11. awldune

    Carving a doggy statue

    Very tough to lose a dog. I didn't have dogs as a kid and when I lost my first dog a few years ago it was so devastating. It takes time, but the pain will fade eventually. Are you thinking about a life size statue?
  12. awldune

    Russian Wood turning

    I think there was an earlier thread on this video. I didn't notice before that he uses the hook tool to cut on the "upstroke" side. Is that standard practice? I haven't used a hook tool before.
  13. awldune

    New lathe

    I bolted mine down and I have been pleased to note that the lathe doesn't walk around the shop anymore.
  14. awldune

    New lathe

    For any stand decisions, it would help to know what lathe you got and what you intend to turn on it. For a mini lathe you will mostly turn pens on, a rolling stand should be fine. If your lathe has a 16'' swing and you want to turn bowls, casters would be a complete disaster.
  15. awldune

    Hand plane restoration

    Could you not just file or grind off the part that interferes?
  16. awldune

    Hal Taylor style rocker finally done...

    Gorgeous! I love how each of the back supports has a little of the sapwood.
  17. awldune

    Salvaging Logs During Lot Clearing

    You might be thinking specifically about Matt Cremona? The range of powder post beetles does not extend to Minnesota where he lives, and termites are not much of a problem there either. Interestingly, the distribution of powder post beetles sticks mostly to the coastal states...
  18. awldune


    I didn't know Teknatool made any chucks without an insert? Bummer! :(
  19. awldune

    Bandsaw Part Repair/Replace

    I can't vouch for this seller, but here is a part: With free shipping, that might be better than

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