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  1. Berta

    Charcuterie/Cheese Boards

    When I made cheese boards for my family I did not use a handle. I did use some pretty slabs and added a chalkboard paint ‘ribbon’ to label the cheeses. You could also chamfer the bottom to have it be easier to pick up. I also made a large hole near one corner and some paracord to hang it.
  2. Berta

    Outreach - Klingspors - Winston Salem 12/7/2019

    I usually provide my own materials
  3. Berta

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop WINSTON SALEM GRAND ReOpening & Anniversary Sale DECEMBER 7th

    We will be there all day! At least until 3.
  4. Berta

    Lowes changes to Military Discount

    We even got the discount on my washer and dryer
  5. Berta

    Shipping cabinet doors

    I do know the bubble wrap needs to be so that the bubbles do not touch the product. The bubbles are abrasive
  6. Berta

    Free lights

    May I have 5 please?
  7. Berta

    Nice save!

    What happens when an inlay goes wrong? An unwanted hole and the project is designer firewood. Unless you get creative!
  8. Berta

    If you just gave up?

    Lock the door. Give it 9 months. Then you can decide.
  9. Berta

    Scrollsaw Club Meeting

    The Sunny Scrollers meeting is today, December 1. The Klingspor’s store in Cary will host our monthly meeting from 2 to 4 pm. We are bringing snacks for Christmas!
  10. Berta

    Outreach - Klingspors - Winston Salem 12/7/2019

    Everyone will appreciate that.
  11. Berta

    The Woodworking Source

    Just checked your Instagram. The company is based in Reno, NV? I did not know that.
  12. Berta

    Outreach - Klingspors - Winston Salem 12/7/2019

    Mike, people look forward to your sharpening demos.
  13. Berta

    My latest Scrollsaw Project

    I love it!
  14. Berta

    Don't Laugh

    Home Depot Exclusive Offer Offer starts on 11/01/2019 Find it in the gift center at Home Depot Also available online from Home Depot Don't forget to submit your rebate for $15 back This is a good deal!
  15. Berta

    Don't Laugh

    I agree, the pocket hole jig is well worth it. Great for 2 x 4 and outdoor projects as well.
  16. Berta

    scroll bandsaw

    If you want to see it in action go to YouTube and search Pegas Scroll Bandsaw
  17. Berta

    Exterior highly durable finish???

    I have recently heard of a clear paint. Untinted paint. The guy used it as a clear finish on his intarsia. Did not tint the wood at all.
  18. Berta

    scroll bandsaw

    It’s not just about the width of the blade. The thickness makes it easy to turn. Just as their scrollsaw blades are very thin so are the bandsaw blades
  19. Berta

    The "safest" tools and hurrying.....

    He was able to check my tendon for my pinky finger!
  20. Berta

    The "safest" tools and hurrying.....

    Forester bit. Hand drill. Held the wood with my hand. Eight stitches. Side note, the ER Dr told me that hydrogen peroxide will remove blood from clothes.

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