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  1. JohnnyR

    Suitability of Oak & poplar for end grain cutting boards?

    Normally I wouldn't consider this but culling through my off-cuts I've got a lot of this and can't think of anything else to do with them. Not worried about aesthetics as would mix in other woods. Worried about open grain of Oak and softness of poplar.
  2. JohnnyR

    Charlie - Man of the Year!

    Came home to see Charlie's turnings grace the cover of the latest Klingspor's catalog. Well deserved!
  3. JohnnyR

    0% moisture?

    Last thing I just did for a bed I made was cut the support slats. I bought some poplar a few weeks ago & cut four slats. 9% moisture content. I cut the fifth slat out of another piece of poplar that I had lying around for who knows how long - at least a year, maybe a decade. When I picked it up...
  4. JohnnyR

    Simple graphics needed tonight.

    Need a simple sign for the Klingspor celebration tomorrow. I posted on that thread but I'll copy it below. I'm just not artistically or computer savoy enough to do it justice. If anyone can help let me know. The final can be brought if you're going or PM me to send it and I can print it on...
  5. JohnnyR

    reclaimed mahogany - finished Kitchen work table

    Thanks to Phil's efforts to reduce waste in the landfill I scored 5 solid mahogany 6 panel doors. After cutting them up and planing them I ended up with a pile of lumber. My daughter's moving into an apt. with a large kitchen space but little counter space so I designed a table. I made a 2'x4'...
  6. JohnnyR

    Plethora of riches, what to spray with?

    I'm building a kitchen work table for my daughter. Maple with Mahogany (thanks Phil) end grain butcher block top and mahogany slats on the two shelves. Already finished the top with shellac and Waterlox (won at last years raffle) I plan on finishing the Maple and slats with shellac and Target...
  7. JohnnyR

    Raffle winners

    I won the Fuji spray system at the raffle. I just sent off a thank you to Fuji for their donation. In addition to showing our gratitude, if all the winners do the same it may make future requests for donations more agreeable to the donors. And thanks Jeremy and all others who helped put this...
  8. JohnnyR

    great essay on value of teaching WW to kids...

    Came across this essay on ncwoodworker facebook post:
  9. JohnnyR

    Some innovative designs

    Have to be a math genius to figure these out.
  10. JohnnyR

    Ash trees going extinct

    Saw this sad story:
  11. JohnnyR


    Recently Willemjm posted that he had a veneer press and it was free to the first responder. Luckily I was trolling on the site and scored the first response. I received it today and am blown away by the quality of it and the bonus of a quantity of veneer that accompanied it. I had anticipated...
  12. JohnnyR

    What a woodmizer can't do

    Wish we could do this with our bodies!
  13. JohnnyR

    card scraper questions

    It seems that when I tune up a card scraper it works great, taking wood from an 80 grit to 150 without the dust or noise of a ROS. However it seems that the burr doesn't last long and I end up with dust rather than shavings fairly quickly. Does the heat generated cause the burr to fail? Do you...
  14. JohnnyR

    bonus - automatic tenons

    I'm building a bed for my son out of walnut. I bought some 5/4 for the top and bottom rails that capture the 1/2" thick panel. After rough cutting and letting them acclimate, I ended up with some good bow making material. None of the other wood I bought acted like this board. I needed a good...
  15. JohnnyR

    Show us your Bench!

    Kent Adams had a tread going about needing a large planer for a bench he was building, it devolved Into a twin screw bench vise and in response to my thoughts he asked for more pictures of my bench. So I took a couple pic's (after oiling it down a la' Mr. Universe) and thought I'd share them...
  16. JohnnyR

    Interesting talk

    Often when I say that I live in Rolesville I'm asked if I "know that guy in Rolesville who refurbishes and sells antique tools"? I think I've identified him and he's giving a talk tonight at Raleigh Klingspor. March - Three Ways to Resaw and An Improved...
  17. JohnnyR

    shop made veneer thickness

    How thick can you make veneer and glue it to plywood? My son wants a coffee table out of walnut that he wants distressed. He wants a rough V groove between the "planks". Easy to make out of full stock. However, now he wants "ends" surrounding it. If just breadboard, no problem, but if it...
  18. JohnnyR

    Phil Soper on Canoes - TWA

    Phil gave a great presentation tonight at the Triangle Woodworkers Association monthly meeting. ( Besides his general talk on various designs, sources and methods, he brought his forms, milled some strips, showed several ways to assemble the strips, did some...
  19. JohnnyR

    wood surface for glueing

    Reading Mike's recent post got me thinking about a question I've had. How smooth do you need the surface to be to get a good glue joint both in strength and appearance? Usually I use jointed or planned edges. Sometimes I wonder if they are too smooth. Recently did an end-grain cutting board...
  20. JohnnyR

    Ghost Router was here

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