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    Edge gluing

    Several years ago I saw an article that explained if you ran two boards at the same time on edge thru the jointer they would match perfect on the edge when gluing together. I guess that was because a jointer can be off a small amount off even when the fence is square. What I don't remember is...
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    Mortise and Tenon

    I have purchased at Festool Domino 700 (large size) and wondered if anyone used the larger domino in place of mortise and tenon joinery? I have a mortise and was thinking of selling it using the Festool.
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    Table saw

    I want to know what must woodworkers do when setting up the rip fence. Should the fence be completely square to the blade and miter track or is it better to set the far end a 32nd or so opened. I recently had a kick back incident that was not pleasant.
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    I purchased some templates to do an inlay on a table. I also got the guide and router bit for the inlay. I cut out the design with the 1/8 spiral bit and wasn't sure how to clean out the cut out. I assumed not to try that with an 1/8th bit and guessed you would use a larger bit and do it by...
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    Finish mixture

    I have some "Master Blend" 100% Tung Oil which has a finish formula printed on the label. It is one part Turpentine, one part varnish, and two parts Tung oil. I would like to add some Trans Tint dye. Anyone familiar with doing this I would like some advice.
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    Finishing mistake

    I have built a Library Table out of quarter sawn white oak and made a bad finishing mistake. I did not use filler and have finished with three coats of Rockhard Table Top Varnish and the grain pores are visible. Do I have to sand off to bare wood and start over or is there something I can do...
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    wipe on urethane

    Has anyone tried wiping on Behlen Rockhard Table top Urethane. I have other varnishes and seem to get that smoother than brushing.
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    woodworkimng screws

    I know I am using the wrong wood screws in my work. What is the best to use and where to purchase.
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    Painted Headboard

    I am building a headboard for my granddaughter and would be interested in finding some one to paint it white. The exact tint to be decided later. I should have it finished (weekend worker) sometime in April.
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    De-waxed shellac

    I have a cherry bookcase to finish and like the look of Waterlox on cherry. I am thinking to cut down on blotching to use one pound cut de-wax shellac first and than Waterlox. Will this process effect the look of the normal Waterlox appearance. I am going to test on a piece of scrap but this...
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    PVC boards

    I have a project that I want to use (I think that is what it is) PVC boards that is one inch thick. They are smooth on one side and a small wood grain on the other. Can I run those thru my thickness planer with dulling or damaging my blades? I only have three pieces six feet long and probably...
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    wxing new Shellac finish

    I have read a couple articles that the writer used the finest steel wool to apply the final wax to a project. I was wondering if anyone has tried that approach. I know steel wool leaves some small particles and that would create problems when buffing?
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    table saw maintenence

    I want to hire a person to come to my shop and service my Saw Stop cabinet saw. It needs cleaning and lubricating. I am not able to physically do it for several reasons.
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    Spoke shave

    I have an older Number 15 spoke shave (don't know manufacturer) and the blade/iron is not straight (longer on one side). I don't know if it is suppose to be that way or not. Anyway I would like to purchase a new one and wanted to know a site where I can.
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    Festool Domino 500

    I need to have a class on how to use the Festool 500 domino joiner. I am willing to pay someone to come to my shop or take the darn thing to someone's shop. I purchased the tool about seven years ago and the instruction manual is terrible. It has some many adjustments that are not explained...
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    5-Cut method for table saw and miter saw

    I was on another woodworking forum and a post referred to checking how square the cuts were on a table saw and miter saw by using the 5-cut method. I could not find an explanation of the 5-cut method. For some time I have used a three cut on a 15 by 15 and then measured corner to corner to...
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    four and a half or five inch wheels

    I am building my grand daughter a doll cariage and need four wheels used or new 41/2 to five inchees. I have looked all over the internet and don't know where else to look. I would love to find spoke wheels but think that is not going to be possible. If anyone knows where I may look I would...
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    I have been trying to improve my skills with planes. I intend to make a doll stroller for my granddaughter which has several curves and was thinking I need to purchase a spokeshave to take saw marks off the curves. I will be working with mdf light and was wondering if the glue in the mdf...
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    plans for a Queen size bed

    Can anyone direct me to a source I can get plans for a Queen size headboard or bed. It would be for my two year old grand daughter and will probably be painted white. The response I have had to posts on this site have been invaluable. You guys and gals are great help.
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    Coopered doors

    I am thinking about building a round door wall cabinet with plans from Woodsmith Magazine. The coopered doors are made similar to a wooden barrel. The plans call for a 28" radius and I don't know what that means.

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