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  1. Flute Maker

    Olive Wood Source

    I have gotten some olive wood from WoodBarter but it wasnt the kind from the Holy land. Someone on there might have some from there.People buy/sell and "barter" on there
  2. Flute Maker

    Tools for Sale

    1. Sorby Full size texturing tool with an extra cutter wheel. ($100 for Texturing tool plus extra cutter wheel) 2. Three Piece Kelton Hollowers...
  3. Flute Maker

    Pyrography and Wood Carving Books For Sale

    Michael the pyrography books are : !. Learning the Art of Pyrography by Al Chapman 2.Designs for Pyrography and Other Crafts by Norma Gregory 3.Woodburning with Cheryl Dow II For anyone interested the Carving Books are: 1. Woodcarving- A Complete Course by Ron Butterfield 2.How to Carve...
  4. Flute Maker

    Looking for a Small Tabletop Drill Press

    I am looking for a small good built quality tabletop drill press.This one will just be for wood particularly on my flutes.) I can do a trade of some sort or buy it.Thanks in advance.
  5. Flute Maker

    Pyrography and Wood Carving Books For Sale

    I have 8 wood carving books which include some patterns, relief carving, carving birds, carving the head and carving kids etc.Alo I have 3 wood burning or pyrography books.They are all in like new condition. (one page is loose from one of the woodcarving books but is still fully intact...These...
  6. Flute Maker

    Small Vise

    Some good ideas guys Thanks...Jared thanks for the offer .For now I still just thinking.
  7. Flute Maker

    Small Vise

    I am looking for a small vise to use to hold some small pieces as I sand/shape them. I have a couple of vises I might could trade one of them for one.Or maybe work out some other deal. or just let me know if you see a link for a good quality vise that would hold smallish pieces as they are...
  8. Flute Maker

    Finish for Flutes ?

    I make wooden flutes.I have been using wipe on poly...Is there any epoxy type that is easy to apply or some other type?I have seen in the past where some makers dipped theirs in poly ,varnish or whatever but I just see that as a nightmare almost ...maybe for runs etc. I make wooden flutes.I...
  9. Flute Maker

    Compressor found new home

    Awesome job Fred! I aint good at this stuff at all. Takes me forever and a day lol...
  10. Flute Maker

    Locking a Drill/Sander in "On" Position

    I have one of those foot controls. It quit working ...not sure why but Ill check it out...maybe something simple...Thanks
  11. Flute Maker

    Locking a Drill/Sander in "On" Position

    I have one of the WoodTurners Wonders blue Angle drill.I used it today for the first time.It works really good.I wish I could put it in on postion so I wouldnt have to squeeze it all the time.It would be easier on my hands. (Arthritis )I could put a tie wrap around the trigger to the desired...
  12. Flute Maker

    More free cabinets

    Ahhhhhhhhh if I had a way to get them I would jump all over them. Need them bad ...Be good ones for some one!
  13. Flute Maker

    Charlie - Man of the Year!

    Congratulations Charlie!!!!
  14. Flute Maker

    Latest Turnings

    Oh my! Awesome..I turn but I cant even think that pretty! Just beautiful!! Great job!!
  15. Flute Maker

    Bosch RA1165 Undermount Table Base

    I have a Bosch RA1165 Router Undermount Table Base that I will sell or trade. You can adjust the router height from through the top of your router table with just an allen wrench. Just let me know if you are interested.It hasnt been used at all.It is new. I have all the screws etc. for it.It is...
  16. Flute Maker

    Update on my kidney transplant status

    Praying for you Brent!
  17. Flute Maker

    Small Detail Sander

    I’ll check it out Charley!!! Thanks
  18. Flute Maker

    Small Detail Sander

    I am looking at detail sanders....really as small as I can get.. And something to lessen the stress on my hands as much as possible. I have plenty of hook and loop sand paper that I can cut to fit on whatever I get or make. I need something for the small intricate work. Is the MicroLux sander...
  19. Flute Maker

    Bandsaw Part Repair/Replace

    No this is the first Ive heard of him. I will check him out. Thanks
  20. Flute Maker

    Bandsaw Part Repair/Replace

    Thanks everybody for all the tips/links and advice...Helps a lot!

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