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  1. cskipper

    It's here!! Updated

    I have had better luck with top feeding now that I've used a straighter blade (versus the curved and slightly bent one I was using) - who knew??? :D:D
  2. cskipper

    Fair winds and following seas

    I hope you love it there. Don't be a stranger.
  3. cskipper


    I am so sorry to hear about your health problems. I know that you have overcome a lot of obstacles largely by determination. I am sure that you won't let acceptance equal defeat. Your friendship and willingness to help has meant a lot to me. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  4. cskipper

    It's here!! Updated

    Thanks. So far I've cut a couple of puzzles and ornaments (I know - no pictures no proof - lol) and the only thing I'm not great with yet is top feeding the blade. I'm having difficulty blindly finding the hole in the table through the wood, then through the vacuum deal and then finding the...
  5. cskipper

    It's here!! Updated

    I think I am going to LOVE this saw. I cut something a little while ago and John said that he didn't even hear the saw running! I scroll in the next room so this is a major bonus. A brief word about the way it was packed. The saw was very securely packed - bolted to a board and surrounded by...
  6. cskipper

    It's here!! Updated

    We got it unpacked, the stand built and the saw on the stand. My vision is so poor that I can't see to saw without the magnifier/light We didn't get that attached yet. I'll post more when I know.
  7. cskipper

    It's here!! Updated

    It's here!! My new Pegas scroll saw!!
  8. cskipper

    New Member from Sherrills Ford

    Welcome! We're from Forest City.
  9. cskipper

    Basket Box

    Both of those are great looking boxes!
  10. cskipper

    Christmas ornament questions

    Do you folks make ornaments to sell? If so, what woods do you use? What thickness? Do you use any finish on them? If so, what kind? If you do make them to sell, where do you sell them?
  11. cskipper

    Klingspor's Woodworking EXTRAVAGANZA #19 - this Friday/Saturday

    I did not have any luck with the floor model. Had to order mine. Hopefully it won't take too long.
  12. cskipper

    How do I find first unread post?

    Is there a way for go to the first unread thread within a post?
  13. cskipper

    The butterfly effect

    I don't think anyone will be able to reach the level of Steve Cole's shop explosion! Congrats on the progress you have had.
  14. cskipper

    Klingspor's Woodworking EXTRAVAGANZA #19 - this Friday/Saturday

    Thank you Coleman for giving us this wonderful opportunity! I really enjoyed the show, visiting with members, meeting Steve Good and something else - what was that?? Oh yeah, buying the Pegas scroll saw - whoo hoo!
  15. cskipper

    Wood suppliers in NC

    Thank you
  16. cskipper

    Wood suppliers in NC

    Is there a list of NC wood suppliers anywhere?
  17. cskipper


    Oh heavens, I didn't mean to imply that I want you to change your meeting. That always involves a lot to even pick a regular date. Just wanted to mention why I won't be able to be a regular member.
  18. cskipper

    Update on my kidney transplant status

    Wow - that's a lot going on!! Will keep you in our prayers.

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