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    Need to cut metal table saw rails, where?

    Chris in Rolesville helped me out. Im not sure if hes a member here. Super nice guy and he makes his own tools. I bought his patent pending glue removing chisel while I was there and love it. Really clever design and works so well.
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    Circular Saw Dust Collection

    Not sure what your budget is but I bought a used Festool track saw for $325 and the powertec rails for $129. Dust collection is superb and it makes breaking down sheet goods so freakin easy. Festool comes up rarely so set up an alert on craigslist and jump on one as soon as its available. Ive...
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    Need to cut metal table saw rails, where?

    Want to take it somewhere. I think I found a guy so I’m good.
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    Need to cut metal table saw rails, where?

    I dont want to mess up my kapex miter saw, so thinking of taking the rails and tube somewhere to get cut. Its a sawstop and I need to shrink it down. It's the big one and I want to cut off about 14" so I can actually use it in my shop. Any recommended places that can do a clean cut in the...
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    RDU CL - Shopfox 8"wood jointer W1741 - $800 (raleigh)

    You must have one very large tree, or need to remove many of the lower branches.
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    Quiet cyclone dust collector

    I have the harbor freight and find it okay. I have very sensitive ears but dont use hearing protection when its running.
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    Festool Track Saw and Metric Scale on FT joiner

    I bought my first festool this year and was hooked. Bought a used sander and vacuum and absolutely spoiled. Then it spiraled out of control a little bit. Came home with a used track saw, and a used domino. I also bought the router but sold it right after because I didnt end up needing it. Then...
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    Everything is sold! Pictures of wood for tomorrow's sale

    That previous guy was me :) I would have bought the rest. Great lumber and prices. Thanks again dan for everything.
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    Danville VA CL - Grizzly 12" jointer (planer) - $1500 (Vernon Hill)

    Probably easier and cheaper to have a home built around it.
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    What does this mean? (from the Festool Domino manual)

    Thats what I did. Love the domino!
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    Wanted - oscillating spindle sander

    Harbor freight one is decent. Its what im using.
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    12" Craftsman press $179 Mine came in a few days ago and it works well...
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    Sjorberg Bench or something different?

    I drove to VA beach and picked up the sjoberg. 361lbs and its very sturdy. Top and frame are insanely high quality. Vises are excellent and so are all accessories. Cabinet is lower quality than I expected. Drawers have the cheapest slides ive ever seen. No dovetails just connectors like ikea...
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    Sorry guys its sold. I had several inquiries and went with the first person.
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    Yes type 1.
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    Not sure why I put this in the wrong forum....
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    I bought this hoping to learn how to do it and then an x-carve followed me home one day from craigslist. Instead of it sitting and collecting dust I thought it could use a new home. Everything works great, will come with some blades. Stand has wheels on it. Located in N Raleigh. Just trying to...
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    Sjorberg Bench or something different?

    Which i have done. Starting this thread is part of my research. I'm not sure I understand your point in all honesty, sorry... I asked questions, stated what I needed, some offered advice I wasn't looking for that I specified a couple times. I spent a good amount of time searching various forums...

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