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    FS: Jet 1221VS lathe $500

  2. Woodmolds

    FS: Jet 1221VS lathe $500

    I purchased this lathe new. It sat in the box for approximately a year before it was used. I have used it infrequently for the past 4-5 years, mostly small items, tool handles, ornaments, bowls and such. I have several other lathes so this one needs a new home. Picked up in stokes county $500...
  3. Woodmolds

    Al Spicer

    Does anyone know if this is the same AL Spicer that posted such beautiful marquetry here and other places? I thought he was from Bessemer City, NC. This is very near me.
  4. Woodmolds

    Greenville, SC GUILD

    There are several people that were very dedicated to getting the guild started and making it work. I know of one person who has given a large amount of financial support to the guild, but I'm sure there were several who were instrumental and dedicated to its initial success. At one time they...
  5. Woodmolds

    Wood species - color coding ??

    Generally in my past experience, different mills each used a different color. In other words color would be used to differentiate between mills.
  6. Woodmolds

    Vectric software?

    I use an older version of Aspire. I'm hoping to upgrade to the current version soon. It is a very well thought out and executed program. It does everything I could want.
  7. Woodmolds

    new money

    Did you perhaps mean "old money"
  8. Woodmolds

    Furniture with Sulfur Inlay

    MESDA has a few pieces in there collection with sulfur inlays. I don't recall how many, but it was pointed out on a tour I've taken several times. I remember them having several pin holes in them and some missing pieces. It seemed very fragile.
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    Plastic disk replacements for bandsaw needed

    If the 20" is the same as the 14" Here and here both give size descriptions
  10. Woodmolds

    Screw clamps
  11. Woodmolds

    Miterset Precision Miter Gauge Tools

    Charley, I ordered these(miter & segment) about a month ago. I've used the segment set for a couple of projects and it works. I've done the 5, 10, & 12 piece and the fit was near perfect. I suspect any error was in my saw or method of cutting. For me they seem to be well worth the money. Tony
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    Installing a Pencil Drawer?

    12" Keyboard Slides or...
  13. Woodmolds

    Project update
  14. Woodmolds

    French rasps... much cheaper if you order direct.

    There was a discount code on "Sawmill Creek". If you search there you may still be able to find it. I've ordered twice and I'm very satisfied with the quality of their products.
  15. Woodmolds

    Experiences using GlideCote on table saw surfaces

    This product from my usage is the same product/same results as GlideCoat, but larger container and much cheaper. It is sold by EMI Supply...
  16. Woodmolds

    January 2017 Contest: What is the oldest Power Tool you own and still use!

    My oldest power tool would be a Diehl 55, dated 1948. Age verified by the head of Diehl, who wanted to come by and see it several years ago. He said they liked to keep track of them. He said only models prior to 1950 had cast iron bases, who knew? Just as an after thought. This saw will...
  17. Woodmolds

    Acclimating advice

    One must do thing is to inform the client that wood is a natural product and some seasonal wood movement is eminent.
  18. Woodmolds

    The CNC Plunge?

    For straight bits CMT solid carbide give good service for the money. The CMT v-bits also work well. For specialty bits I've used Magnate, also reasonably priced. I've used some of the form bits to make recesses on plates with good success. Tony
  19. Woodmolds

    WTB Butternut lumber

    Jerome, Depends on what the mill cuts and sometimes the species. Some mills saw full, some don't. I have dressed 4/4 rgh to 1" clean both sides. A lot of quarter sawn 4/4 will barely clean up both sides at 3/4". Start heavy on the measured size(especially if cupped) and flip every pass through...

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