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    Am I too new to PM?

    I experience the same thing, frustrating. Also can't post to For sale/wanted.
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    Circular Saw Dust Collection

    If only
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    Circular Saw Dust Collection

    I use a circular saw in the shop to break down and if possible make finish cuts to sheet goods. For me it's easier to take the tool to the work when working with large panels. I can get good accurate cuts with minimal tear-out but even though my saw has a dust port I still get sawdust everywhere...
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    Baltic Birch
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    Baltic Birch

    You can get 4x8 sheets of birch marine multi-ply in Raleigh at Capital City Lumber. It's not cheap but It's better quality than most Russian Ply. I haven't been to The Hardwood Store of NC but I want to when I'm in the area. There should be a retail source for marine ply near Wilmington.
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    Tenoning jig?

    To buy. I looked at the ultimate table saw jig and it's interesting but I really don't want to build one.
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    Tenoning jig?

    OK, after lots of deliberation I find myself in the market for a tenoning jig.
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    Tenoning jig?

    If you were making a long tenon, say 4 or 5 inches, would you flip the stock or cut one side of the cheeks and then reset the jig for the other sides. I'm wondering about the stock being square to the track and the tenon being square to the stock.
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    Tenoning jig?

    As to what tool I am going to use I have table saw, router table, band saw and hand tools. I don't have a tenoning jig for the table saw. I'm not really interested in making one since I couldn't come close to the quality of a cast iron machined one. What is the justification in spending the...
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    Tenoning jig?

    Hi, new guy here. There are so many simple and cheap ways to cut tenons without a tenoning jig I'm wondering whether I need or want one. I'm about to start on a couple contemporary arts and crafts style easy chairs, think updated Stickley/Morris. Lots of tenons and I wouldn't mind making the job...
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    Morris Chairs need someone to complete them

    I'm very late to the party but if these are still available please let me know.
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    Shop cleanup - Veritas grinding set $35 - SOLD -

    I would like to get this from you. Can you mail it and can you take paypal? I'm in southern wake county and it's almost an hour to get to you.

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