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  1. PeteM

    Triton TRC001 3hp Router Combo

    OK - I'd really like this to be gone from my garage. Make me an offer.
  2. PeteM

    Triton TRC001 3hp Router Combo

    Yeah, I guess I missed a few details! For sale - Asking $275 for everything - I'm in Pittsboro.
  3. PeteM

    Triton TRC001 3hp Router Combo

    Triton TRC001 3hp Router with phenolic table, fence and accessories as shown
  4. PeteM

    Basswood - Thick & Wide Boards

    No carvers out there?
  5. PeteM

    Basswood - Thick & Wide Boards

    5 boards - left to right: A - 6.5 x 5.0 x 51 11 bf $57.50 B - 5.5 x 3.5 x 51 5.5 bf $27.50 C - 7.5 x 4.0 x 43 8.5 bf $42.50 D - 7.3 x 3.4 x 40 6.5 bf $32.50 E - 11 x 2 4 x 58 10 bf $50.00 Buy all 5 for $190.00
  6. PeteM

    Four down and one to go

    Ernie - You are an amazing craftsman, artisan and grandfather. Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  7. PeteM

    Scroll saw in apartment

    I tried it once. Sawdust wasn't a big problem but noise and vibration was. I'd suggest trying some carving, Much less noise and no dust.
  8. PeteM

    Neat Floors

    Jigsaw! Maybe followed by a lot of chisel and gouge work. A scroll saw would be my guess. But I do like the result.
  9. PeteM

    RE: Classifieds - Walnut/Cherry Table Tops...

    FWIW - Many years ago I bought a similar table top from a guy at the Expo in Charlotte. He was there every month a truckload of stuff from ????. I think I paid $17 for mine. I also met a guy that had things made in the Far East and resold them here. He said the minimum order was 150 pcs. I...
  10. PeteM

    Router Table

    Don't forget to check out the Router Boss for even more fun!!!
  11. PeteM

    Pecan Slab Coffee Table

    Thanks - The legs are actually cherry with dark walnut stain. I had one board hanging around (think I got it from Kyle some time ago) so I went with that. Finish is just 2 coats of gloss poly and one coat of satin. Cracks were filled with epoxy mixed with some ebony dust.
  12. PeteM

    Pecan Slab Coffee Table

    I haven't done much woodworking this year but I did manage to get this done. I picked up the slab at Scott's open house earlier this year.
  13. PeteM

    Latest Turning

    Very cool. I really like the shot from the top looking down inside. pete
  14. PeteM

    Possible Contest/Challenge

    Anyone up for a wooden Jeep?!?! Lots more wood body cars are out there. Google "wood body car" to check them out.
  15. PeteM

    Removing rust
  16. PeteM

    Copy for Chest of Drawers brochure

    Hi Mike - Some good writing there. You didn't ask for comments but . . . you know me! "A chest built by a web site." It wasn't built by a web site. It was built by members of NCWWers "Bill Clemmons offered to draw plans in SketchUp and build the carcass," Why plug SketchUp? Why not just "Bill...
  17. PeteM

    Scroll saw question

  18. PeteM

    suggestions for cheating, carving a set of ionic volutes for column capitals

    I'd make them all fiberglass. Lots of how-to videos on YouTube.
  19. PeteM

    Some ERC I got from Scott a while back . . .

    Steve - They can be called a pyramid, an obelisk, or a tuteur trellis. The bottom photo is a tomato plant. Bill - LOML saw it here:,,20485744,00.html

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