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  1. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    My foam panels only have 3.8 rating, but it's gotta be better than bare steel.
  2. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    All finished! I ended up with 3 sheets of insulation and 3 bags of backer rod, total project cost was $80.43 plus tax. Pardon the mess:
  3. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    Tom, I have a little of $100 in my 16'x7' door
  4. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    Bruce, each of my 4'x8' sheets weighs 5.13 lbs. With the backer rod my 4 sheets of insulation is adding 22 lbs, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of a 10% increase in the total weight of the door.
  5. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    Mike, I've seen kits that have 1.5" insulation that is regularly kerfed so its flexible enough to fish inside the "C" shape but you sacrifice the foil facing on both sides. Also, my local big box stores didn't have anything in that thickness that wasn't pink.
  6. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    With the temperatures dropping in the last several weeks I was reminded of the promise I made to myself to insulate my garage door before it got cold again this year, both for my own comfort and also my kerosene consumption. My doors have a "C" shaped cross section that is a little under 1...
  7. LastChanceWoodshop

    [QUESTION] Glass for custom shadow box?

    Ian, When I've done glass for flag boxes I fit a piece of heavy cardboard/cardstock as a template for the glass shop. Results were good.
  8. LastChanceWoodshop

    Heavy duty rubber flooring in the shop?

    Charles, I don't have them all over the shop, but I do have a few rubber stall mats ($39@southern states) under my bench to help planes weather the occasional drop to concrete.
  9. LastChanceWoodshop

    Moving a table saw suggestions

    Kurt, 400# is well within what you can handle with a typical dolly, depending on the shape of what you are moving. Alternatively, you can move really heavy things with lengths of pipe and a pry bar (similar to the stones used to build the pyramids). If you have a really steep driveway, I...
  10. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Shop - Looking for new design ideas

    Rick, One of the best things I did in my shop was building storage above the garage door. Mine is just tall enough for one row of those black and yellow Rubbermaid tubs.
  11. LastChanceWoodshop

    Hand Plane / Sharpening Class

    Jason, I'm in Graham (which is a bit of a hike) but I am happy to help if you get over this direction.
  12. LastChanceWoodshop

    Eclipse Honing Guide - Angle Calculator

    Good Morning All, I thought I'd share a little tool I use to set my Eclipse-style honing guide. Its a little spreadsheet that allows you to set your sharpening angle by measuring the overhang with your digital calipers. This...
  13. LastChanceWoodshop

    I think Lee Valley may have jumped the shark on this one...

    Bridge City made that thing as a one off for a trade show in China several years ago. It was so popular that they turned it into a product. If I recall the article correctly it was something done at dinner parties that the guests could take home with them. Not my cup of tea, but forging...
  14. LastChanceWoodshop

    motor rotation question

    Pop, usually you can swap supply wires on your motor to change the direction. Can you post a picture of the rating plate?
  15. LastChanceWoodshop

    NCWW Contest Dec 2018: Show us your Best Hand Made Christmas Gift!

    Since we are mid December with no entries, I made this shawl/hair pin for my wife from osage orange and walnut:
  16. LastChanceWoodshop

    Hurricane Michael downed Red Oak and Hickory, any takers?

    Ian, Can you pull a measurement on the diameter of the trunk and the length of the straight portion of the oak?; Pictures would be helpful as well.
  17. LastChanceWoodshop

    Bandsaw Tire Troubles: Beware Urethane users

    Dan, Not an expert by any means. I did find a hand calculator,
  18. LastChanceWoodshop

    High efficiency wood burning fireplace

    I have had quadra-fire units and Jotul units in 2 different homes. Both have performed well and have a reburning system rather than a catalytic converter (wear item). Take a look at the Quad 7100 as an option. My 5100 performed flawlessly, though it is a free standing unit rather than an...

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