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    band saw questions

    Quick releases... I have one of these cranks and it works just fine. It does make it much easier to release tension, but it isn't truly "quick", just easier. If you want to retrofit a true...
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    Whatever happened to Ethan? (May be triggering to some)

    Ethan, thank you for your sharing your struggles with your mental health and helping to reduce the stigma around mental illness. It's so important for people (especially men, which I think constitute the great majority here) to hear these stories and know that getting help isn't weakness. I wish...
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    "This connection is not private..."

    Yeah, this is an error (for me) separate from the .com site certificate error. It says the certificate expired yesterday.
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    Dewalt Router Disassembly

    Clamp the router, and then light taps with a punch and hammer will normally get these things going if yourevnot too particular about marring the holes. Otherwise, use a hole saw to make a hole in the board for the protruding part to fit through, then put your 8d nails in the board so they just...
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    Tenoning jig?

    I did the same thing for a project where I used my friends table saw. Made it out of plywood in a half hour, and threw it away after the project was over. My opinion that is definitely the way to go.
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    Attaching leather to wood.

    Thx all. Dan your advice about using lower gr strength glue is well taken. 192 gr will be too strong/ brittle? Mike, the particular application is for a curved coin tray, so some stress will be put on if from taking coins in and out, but not a lot. I'm going to start with hide glue and give...
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    AH I love this! Very good reminder for next time I think "I'll need x before I can build y" that probably all I'm lacking is practice.
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    Attaching leather to wood.

    I'm looking for adhesive recommendations to attach leather to wood. I was considering either liquid hide glue or epoxy. I have some fairly thick (8oz.) veg tan leather that I want to attach to a curved strip of wood. The contact area will be pretty minimal... the curved strip is be 1/2" by 6"...
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    What kind of wood is this?

    I'd also guess cherry based on the sap pockets.
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    AFCI breakers tripping

    Universal motors, the kind of motor in portable power tools, will trip AFCI breakers. Look into the air vent of your miter saw motor... you'll see sparks coming off of the carbon brushes. This is normal for any universal motor, but those sparks are indeed exactly the same as the arcs that an...
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    beeswax and naptha

    Mineral oil and beeswax works A+. 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. You can also cut it with turpentine as you please to allow you to put more wax in without reducing its spreadability.
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    Threaded Rod Handle Drill Press

    Oh haha, by "Guaranteed to have what you need" what I meant was "Will have every other knob on the planet except the one you need." Sorry.
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    Threaded Rod Handle Drill Press

    J W Winco Standard Parts - Home | J.W. Winco Standard Parts Guaranteed to have what you need.
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    Hand Tool Wall Cabinet - Humidity Regulation

    Mike is def. right about silica dessicants, and same is true with drierite. You don't need a vacuum, but you do need an airtight container for them to be effective. Just give your planes a rub down with an oily rag every once in a while.
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    Spatula handle7

    Silicone grips for mountain bike handlebars? Can't tell if the size of the handle would be appropriate, but you could take them off and put them in the dishwasher. Increasing the diameter such as with silicone grips would be your best bet, I think, followed by grooving it.
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    Vintage Craftsman Drill Press 1940s

    Lord god that's a beautiful streamline moderne piece of equipment.
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    Final Post - My attempt at a Maloof style rocker

    Looks great! Keep us posted!
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    hand Plane on ebay

    ooo yea missed the $20 shipping detail... classic blunder. If you're up in the RDU area ever, Ed Lebetkin's tool store in Pittsboro is the tops but in my experience he's a little expensive. There's a guy in Rolesville on the Raleigh craigslist who is often selling nice planes fixed up... lots...
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    Old project. Looking to make a new one

    It's pretty inhumane to keep a chicken in such a small enclosure.
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    Trick for re-aligning DP table to same horizontal position?

    Ah now we're really getting into some overengineered ideas! I love it! I use those lab jacks for liquid N2 dewars at work, but I think they'd vibrate a lot under load from a twist drill. I just used angle aluminum to scribe a line down my column though. Worked like a charm, esp after rubbing a...

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