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    Wilmington Turners

    I have been looking for a lathe to get started turning, and recently found what I was looking for. It was kind of a good news bad news situation. The bad news was that it belonged to an elderly gentleman who recently lost his sight. And he loved turning. We spent a couple of hours in his shop...
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    12 gauge 100' extension cord at Costco for $40

    I am a member as of last weekend. More than willing to help out, but I am in Wilmington. Seems most of you are from the west. But I will be in Charlotte for New Years Eve. Let me know if I can help. Brad
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    WIP update open segment

    Everytime I look at this, I am amazed. Great work!
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    It's Here! Caution - New Lathe Gloat

    Wow, I'm still trying to figure out what I should get for my first lathe to see what I can turn. I can only dream of working my way up to that. Very nice!
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    Mini lathe opinions

    As always, lots of good info. And I need it as I am new to all of this and value any and all opinions and information. Thanks very much!
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    Mini lathe opinions

    Earl, that is amazing. I can only dream of being able to make a piece like that one. Which HF lathe is that? It doesn't look like a starter unit.
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    Mini lathe opinions

    Can anyone give me a first hand opinion of a Grizzly Mini Lathe - Model G9247? I am looking for a starter lathe and wondering if this might be winner. Brad
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    Turning tools

    I have been thinking about giving turning a try and have been getting lots of good info here. I was looking at some knives on ebay and wondered if someone could give me an idea on their quality...
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    Another new guy

    Thanks for the numbers Scott. I tried all the movements on the saw and everything moved smoothly. I put in my offer, and another offer for the saw and a Ridgid jointer that he is also selling. Now I wait.
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    Another new guy

    I joined this sight a few months back and have been on it most days since. Not only am I new to the site, but I am new to this country as well. I came to Wilmington in April for a one month vacation. And I'm still here. And given that it is getting pretty cold back home in Canada, I think I will...

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