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  1. reprosser

    Paolini ruler

    Got mine early this week. Nice. I have only held it in my hand so far, but maybe this weekend will get some use.
  2. reprosser

    My daughter

    Sorry things did not go like you hoped, but glad the surgery is over and things are moving forward.
  3. reprosser

    Build Your Own Marking Gauge

    Very timely. Been looking for some instruction on how to make one. Thanks.
  4. reprosser

    grounding dust collection question

    I felt a strong static charge on my Clearvue cyclone this weekend. I could hear the arc, and was able to capture a video. This is at the connection of the flex tubing to the bin connector. I probably...
  5. reprosser

    Gregory Paolini Rule

    Just ordered mine. (6" combo) Cool tool!
  6. reprosser

    "Pin Nailer's vs. Brad Nailers

    I have the Grex pin nailer, a Bostich brad/finish nailer, (also a $20 HF brad nailer that could not shoot thru oak) and a Hitachi frame nailer. All within a few months, so I am a newbie with all of them. Great time savers for me. I choose the pin nailer for temp connections/glue ups, or if I...
  7. reprosser

    Greetings from Columbia SC.

    Just to clarify. Wood Zone was a good place - but they closed down a couple of months ago. Were planning to continue the internet store, but it is still under construction.
  8. reprosser

    How to figure header size for double door

    Thanks all I went with 2x12 and double jack studs. I needed openings for a 60" double door, and a 36" pocket door for under the stairs. (No steel):no:
  9. reprosser

    Greetings from Columbia SC.

    Hey Chris Woodzone (used to be over in West Cola) had a couple of canoe building classes a while back. They still have the website up with a contact email. Might be able to get some info from them. rick (across the river in Pelion)
  10. reprosser

    How to figure header size for double door

    The header will be running parallel to the ceiling joists/rafters - so I agree there should not be much load to worry about. Like Mike, I like to err on the safe side. Big and beefy!:cool:
  11. reprosser

    How to figure header size for double door

    I am building a finishing room in my shop, and I need to install a 60" double door. I checked around on the web, but it seems to be real complicated to determine the size of the header. I plan to store stuff (not lumber) overhead, but it will not be a 2nd floor - just storage. I figure a 2x12...
  12. reprosser

    Tomahawk Done

    I like it. :icon_cheers Wish I had the skills for carving...0'course, I don't have time to do all my hobbies now.:eusa_booh I always thought a Tomahawk had a cutting edge (metal or stone). Shows how much I know.:dontknow:
  13. reprosser

    Recent Build (not the norm around here)

    Very cool! Is that Wenge?
  14. reprosser

    Where to find froe, adz, hatchet, and axe?

    Sadly, they just closed down the store. They plan to continue the internet site I think. The other woodworking place in Columbia is Mann Tool, but I don't think they would have what you are looking for. (WoodZone would not have had it either.) Maybe they could order something.
  15. reprosser

    sawstop recommendations

    I would agree that a lot of table saw injuries are the result of a loose nut :gar-La;, but even the most experienced, safety conscious person can have an accident...and it only takes one:cry_smile I am puzzled about why I see this comment on most every Sawstop thread I have read. Do you drive...
  16. reprosser

    sawstop recommendations

    I have the PCS as well, and am very happy with it. I would consider the contractor version if I had a big need for job site portability, but otherwise would stay with the PCS. This is a solid, quality saw - and I like the extra insurance that I hope I never need.
  17. reprosser

    DNA Drying Method

    I have done mostly bowls, but I just put the item in dna, and leave it for 1-3 days. Then I let it flash dry, and put it in a paper bag. Sometimes I have left the inner surface of the bowl uncovered.
  18. reprosser

    Grrr-Ripper ordered! (safest way to rip thin strip off small boards)

    Almost - yes. But don't forget to secure the work piece with the second grriper before removing the first grriper when using the over hand feed method. DAMHIKT :eusa_doh:Lucky for me I always stand to the side. Very pleased with my set of Grripers.
  19. reprosser

    Jet vs Grizzly Jointer/Planers with spiral heads

    I am in the same situation of trying to pick between Jet and Griz. I am looking at the 12" spiral head model. One difference is that the fence is removed on the Griz when using the planer - but the Jet stays attached but out of the way. Probably takes a little more room, but I am not tight on...
  20. reprosser

    Clocks: Time for some "other" project

    All neat clocks. My favorite is The Eagle/Flag clock.

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