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    Harbor Freight turning tools ~$37

    Hey all you dark siders out there. I was just in the Raleigh Harbor Freight today and they had may items on clearance. One of the items I picked up was the 8 piece dark handled HSS turning chisel sets (SKU 35444) which normally sells for $69.99 but was on clearance for $45.99. Used my 20% entire...
  2. J

    The Dark Side was strong in Richmond this weekend

    The AAW symposium in Richmond was great. My son and I had fun seeing all the presentations. He got to participate in the Youth Turning and had 2 classes with Bonnie Klein and 1 with Joe Ruminski. All the kids that participated in the program got their names in a hat for the 25 lathes and tools...
  3. J

    [How Do I-DQ] What else am I missing to become DQ?

    I was wondering what else I need to do to be DQ?
  4. J

    New over 2 year old member

    Hey guys, I've been around for over two years now but have not been active. About that time I was building a house and then my mom passed away and I had to take care of her house in NY. Finally have had the time to get back to some of my hobbies. Been wood working since I was a kid in the 70s...

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