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  1. blazeman45

    Wanted: Blum Drawer Slide Devices

    I believe I have some rear brackets… I’ll have to count and let you know.
  2. blazeman45

    Dovetails on Leigh Jig

    It is an optical illusion… I had to look at it to see what you were referring to
  3. blazeman45

    Dovetails on Leigh Jig

    I bought a Leigh D4R from forum member David Justice earlier this year in anticipation of building cabinets for our new house. While a little tedious getting it set just perfect, it made cutting 92 joints in two days a breeze and the results speak for themselves.
  4. blazeman45

    First legitimate segmented turning!

    Good job!
  5. blazeman45

    Supplier for 1/4" mdf near Greensboro

    The Hardwood Store had plenty a couple weeks ago when I was there.
  6. blazeman45

    Post what you're building..

    Started building the kitchen cabinets, vanities, and laundry room cabinets for our new house this week. Took a break yesterday from large things and knocked out some hickory wall plates for the island.
  7. blazeman45

    Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

    Thanks Phil, I have an account with Richelieu but cannot get any slides until later this year. I called Horizon and Chad was able to help me out. Everyone I spoke with was super nice and a pleasure to deal with. This is why I love this site!!
  8. blazeman45

    Updated: 9/24 - T Track Table Build almost complete

    Have to finish the drawers and she is complete
  9. blazeman45

    Moving Sale

    Let me know when you want to pick it up! Thanks!!
  10. blazeman45

    Moving Sale

    Linc said he is coming by to get the Sapelle for you. I found some more and threw in a couple extra boards. Thanks for helping out! Have a great day Bill
  11. blazeman45

    Final Staining of IPE

    It’s funny how much work we put into a house when it’s time to sale! I stained our IPE floor for the final time over the weekend. It is going to be hard to say goodbye especially because of the hours that went into installing and staining it over the years!
  12. blazeman45

    Moving Sale

    Thanks Bill!
  13. blazeman45

    Moving Sale

    As I begin preparing to move it has become readily apparent it is easier to sale some things rather than move and store them. Therefore, I am selling my entire lot of hardwood that is left over from our cutting board business inventory. I hand selected all the lumber so it is select quality. I...
  14. blazeman45

    Fuji Spray System Owners

    I’m in the same boat! Finishing the house and need a gun to spray the kitchen cabinets!! Lol
  15. blazeman45

    Bosch 1617EVS Router

  16. blazeman45

    Updated: 9/24 - T Track Table Build almost complete

    Never a dumb question Henry!! The table will have t-tracks recessed into the top like the ones in the jig below. They are used with various accessories to hold work pieces especially when using things like pocket hole screws. Google T-Track accessories and that should paint a little better...
  17. blazeman45

    Got Side Tracked - New Kreg Jig

    I stand corrected sir! Thanks much for that piece of history! I had no clue obviously
  18. blazeman45

    Got Side Tracked - New Kreg Jig

    I think Kreg was the original… if you look at my jig it is all metal which they don’t make anymore.. now they are plastic! Which did you get? Thanks for the compliment!
  19. blazeman45

    Got Side Tracked - New Kreg Jig

    Was working on the T-Track table and started building some frames with pockets screws. GOT SIDE TRACKED and after over 20 years of using my little Kreg jig, I decided it was time to improve it!! The new design will upgrade its capacity to support larger pieces... and why not... lets add some...
  20. blazeman45

    Updated: 9/24 - T Track Table Build almost complete

    Next I decided I would reduce the amount of plywood in the shop and fashioned some legs to support this endeavor.. I also think the black T-Track will offset the gray laminate nicely... Next I will start on a base with drawers to connect the legs to.

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