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    Maple and Walnut Poker Chip Case

    This was built as a wedding gift for a good friend. The lower section and racks are hard maple. The lower section is 3/4" and the handle is attached using a wedged through tenon. The racks are 1" thick, with 1-5/8" forstner drilled for the chips slots. Each rack is sized to hold 20 chips per...
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    Finally Finished our Kitchen table

    This was by far my biggest project to date. I just bought a jointer and planer last year and embarked on this project last fall. This was the first project where i have milled all my own lumber, cut a round table and used purely joinery that doesn't include screws. It was a pretty awesome...
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    Powermatic 6" Jointer (raleigh CL) - $200 (GONE)

    Not mine, but seems like a killer price in raleigh
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    Want to Borrow a 1" roundover bit

    Does anyone around Raleigh have a 1" roundover bit I could borrow for an afternoon. I am looking to cut an edge profile on a table base but don't see enough future use to spend money on it. They seem to get pretty expensive at these sizes. MLCS has one for 30$ but shipping is 2 weeks and the...
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    How many dowels do I use?

    I am partially through my first major build using rough(ish) lumber and milling it all myself. My major goal is to build the entire table with no screws and so far it has gone pretty well but I have started second guessing myself now that i have to actually make the joint. Just curious to hear...
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    Beginner Handtool (Dovetail?) setup

    I am a woodworking novice and completely new to handtools. Outside of the woodworking classes at the crafts center at NCSU (I highly recommend these for anyone who is new to woodworking/power tool safety), I have never cut a dovetail nor do I own any tools practical for this task. I have started...
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    CL - Jet 8” jointer - $1000

    Not mine, not endorsing...
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    Should i try to fix a miter saw or buy new?

    Trying to set up my shop and have an old hand-me-down makita LS1011 miter saw. I think they were built in the 80s. Its a 10 inch sliding compound miter saw. It still runs and glides well and it worked great to install 1200 sqft of engineered flooring over the last year. That being said, flooring...
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    Beginning woodworker in Raleigh

    Hey guys. Novice woodworker here in northern Raleigh. Recently finished graduate school and finally have some time to devote to building things. I've been building basic pockethole and big box lumber furniture for the last few years and am looking to step my game up. This seems like the right...

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