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  1. Hobie1dog

    A box of many firsts…..

    nice work, i'm a headphone junkie. We use to have a Headphone meet every year before Covid. it's great fun to walk into a room filled full of expensive ( 3K dollar) headphones and be able to listen to ALL of them.
  2. Hobie1dog

    Soul of a New Machine

    Wow, great skills.
  3. Hobie1dog

    Hello from Moyock

    Welcome, never heard of that city in NC
  4. Hobie1dog

    Ridgid Oscillating Belt/Spindle Sander - $75 (Wilmington) GONE

    i want one of those really bad, my trouble is that every good buy is 4 hours away.:(
  5. Hobie1dog

    Husky 5 ft. adjustable height workbench - $100 (New Bern) GONE

    All the deals are so far away from me, but I have been searching for that model on Facebook marketplace for the last month and most of them are $350 brand new, So $100 is a really good price.
  6. Hobie1dog

    Jigsaw Blade Discussion thread

    I wish it helped, but I went through all four pages which ascend in model numbers, and on page 4 there are four or five #308 blades but I don't see any 380 blades anywhere, But my wife says I'm blind as a bat.
  7. Hobie1dog

    Jigsaw Blade Discussion thread

    Looking all over Google, Ebay, page after page, I cannot find any T380B blades, only the 308 model.
  8. Hobie1dog

    Hi from Lake Norman area

    That subwoofer used 18 in subwoofers, which are designed and built by my son. His company is Stereo so go to the website and check out the big 24-in diameter subwoofer that travels Peak to Peak 5 inches total, and has the tightest most accurate bass you'll ever experience.... and...
  9. Hobie1dog

    Jigsaw Blade Discussion thread

    The Saw came with seven or eight blades, just an assortment, but when I get ready to go buy some extra blades I just want to buy some really good ones that will give me a long service life and superior cutting ability. I just don't want to go out and buy cheap blades with poor performance...
  10. Hobie1dog

    Jigsaw Blade Discussion thread

    I searched through the forum and found one that talked about Saws, and it had a few comments about Bosch being recommended. Searching again on Ebay shows lots of blades. I got a Rockwell BladeRunner yesterday which is perfect for my hobby/rocket building parts. Other then fancy packaging there's...
  11. Hobie1dog

    Hi from Lake Norman area

    I am from Cornelius, North Carolina which is right above Charlotte at the bottom part of Lake Norman and after working with a guy at McDonnell Douglas back in 1990 who was an avid scroller, he was always bringing in catalogs and magazines about scroll saws, so I was in the group at the time that...

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