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    Need CNC nameplate

    Ken received the piece back, looks great Thank You.
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    Sold a wood burning

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    Because I can

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    Need CNC nameplate

    I like it, works for me. Vcarve is fine. Let me know how to proceed, do you want me to send the wood, payment, please let me know. Thank you again
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    Need CNC nameplate

    Scott many thanks, my scrolling with letters leaves much to be desired
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    Need CNC nameplate

    I am sorry for being cryptic, I like the Inset version. In terms of Font, not tied to a Specific one, for instance, the Letters in the Inset are fine, or anything similar you may have .
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    Need CNC nameplate

    can you go only half way or less, letters will be prominent? I can send a scrap along with the piece of black walnut, and payment if you wish. You may utilize whatever works, and Thank you Pete
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    Need CNC nameplate

    These are the pieces
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    Need CNC nameplate

    The Thickness is 1/2 inch Attaching some choices of wording/Fonts but open to what you might suggest
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    Need CNC nameplate

    am making a Deskset, Black Walnut, for a friend and tried to Scrollsaw the following, which started terribly, wont use it. Dr. Bonnie Molina The name will be like a desk nameplate, on an 11" W x 2 1/2" H and attached to the deskset. If its not worth your time, just say so, no problem, again...
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    New antique tools acquired

    Great stuff thanks for those pics
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    Happy Birthday FredP

    Happy and Healthy Fred
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    Newbie in Mebane

    Welcome Wiley
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    Happy Birthday creasman

    Happy and Healthy
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    New in Charlotte

    Welcome, great folks, so much knowledge, and helpful
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    I have made some over time, various wood, used steel rods from HD for shaft, designs just made them up or used Images from searches. The Pizza guy was for a friend with Pizza Parlors called Big Apple. Cutting the angles on the Hub for propeller blades was a pain, and Bending the Rod for the...
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    Happy Birthday Graywolf

    Happy Birthday
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    Sanding Box

    Have a small dust collector coming, looking at Plans for a sanding box. Dont need a very large one, planning on 2' x 2', pegboard, 4" collector, baffles. Is it worth making?

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