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  1. ScottM

    Schaff chisels reviews here please

    Sorry. Forgot to zero out my calipers first. Actual about .1 under an inch
  2. ScottM

    Schaff chisels reviews here please

    Mine came on Wednesday. Not sure when I will have time to really work on them. First impressions: - very nice packaging - liked the thank you note included - measured 1" chisel with calipers and it measured 1.2". More is good - bottom not 100% flat but will not take much to flatten - Looked...
  3. ScottM

    Help With A Shaper

    Lowell pictures would help.
  4. ScottM

    Sold a wood burning

    Preston that is beautiful but $10 an hour? Worth at least twice maybe four times that. Trust me I sell some of my scroll saw work. Pricing is the hardest thing to do.
  5. ScottM

    For sale: Jet 1014 Lathe, Ridgid 4331 Planer

    There is a waiting period on how soon a new user can send PM's. It is part of our spam protection process.
  6. ScottM

    Klingspor Discount

    I took a quick look, and it appears you did not start a post in the "who we are forum" and tell us something about yourself. It is part of the DQ requirements. You are also too new. Here is more info:
  7. ScottM

    Rikon Sander Switch

    Try If you can get the number of the switch check on eBay.
  8. ScottM

    A little snowy day project

    Great work Pete.
  9. reassign .png

    reassign .png

  10. ScottM

    Wanted - Osage Orange
  11. ScottM

    Sea Turtle fretwork

    Nice job Berta. Are you playing with spiral blades?
  12. ScottM

    Low temperature glue up help

    If you were closer, I would tell you just to bring it over to my shop.
  13. ScottM

    First woodworking project for nephew

    He has sawdust in his blood.
  14. ScottM

    Beetle Kill Pine

    I have found some at Lowes. It was pine wall planking.
  15. ScottM

    What Happened

    Not sure the why's or where's but Bruce's last post before starting this tread was on January 7th. If he had not been logged in then he could not have posted.
  16. ScottM

    Work in progress shop

    Hey, my brother-in-law is a beer can collector. He has over 15k cans in his collection. If you still have the cans, he might be interested in buying them.
  17. ScottM

    Schaff tool chisels

    Thanks Mike. Same price as Dave.
  18. ScottM

    Opinions on Upcoming Sale of Table Saw Sale

    Klingspor sells the Saw Stop too. That is where I got mine.
  19. ScottM

    Need CNC nameplate

    Yes, I understand. Letters are not the easiest things to cut.
  20. ScottM

    Need CNC nameplate

    To achieve a similar look with a scroll saw there are really two options. First you can do a simple inlay by cutting the letters and the plate at a slight angle. The angle will depend on the thickness of the wood and the blade kerf. The other is to resaw the piece of wood you are using for a...

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