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    Table saw sanding discs - any good?

    I picked one up from our local WoodCraft store - it's their catalog number 129272W. They work pretty well for freehand sanding. In addition to being cautious as Allan noted, I'd suggest stepping up to a finer grit than you'd normally use because the RPM is quite high and it's easy to take more...
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    Sold a wood burning

    That is amazing! You must have to skip your morning coffee before you work on those.
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    Baseball bats

    While that's true it's not always that easy, at least for me. I used to have a low-budget lathe. Found out the hard way that getting in too much of a hurry on some types of wood usually ends up with a trashed workpiece. Lesson learned! Aside from that, it was a lot of fun but the bearings...
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    Baseball bats

    They look incredibly consistent. Other than the one you had to turn down, can't tell the difference. Obviously, lots of patient work on the lathe.
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    Media Credenza Project

    It seems I'm not the only one working on a never ending list for the wife. :) This looks great - the design is unusual and interesting, and it looks really well made. Nice solution to the electronics cooling problem - the metal screen looks good and kind of hides the hardware too!
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    Baseball bats

    Looks great Mike. Did you turn it using a pattern, or totally freehand?
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    First woodworking project for nephew

    Nicely done - for a first project - wow!
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    Building a half-door

    A great solution to get exactly what you need, and this way, you know it's made right. Looks great. I got a chuckle out of your third photo too - it proves the old saying "you can never have too many clamps"!
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    Garden gate, yard gate?

    That's a really nice gate. For the hinges, you might want to check out Pintle Wrought Iron Hinges | Hand Forged to see if they have something you like. Some are are a bit expensive, but we've used them and the quality is really good.
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    A simple hickory side table

    Nice! The wood has a lot of character and the curved design is unusual too. It ought to hold up really well.
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    Last Project

    The corners on the top were a challenge. Build-up wasn't a problem but getting shellac into them was. To solve it, I used a small brush to apply a thin coat where the pad couldn't get, then went over the panel with the pad, getting into the corners as far as possible. Each pass with the pad...
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    C-table project

    Very nice. The details are great - nice contrast with the different types of wood!
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    A case for plug cutters

    Looks nice and and really functional too! A lot of detailed workmanship.
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    Last Project

    Thanks! By the way, I see what you mean about the title - bad choice on my part - "previous" would've been better! The finish is shellac and was applied using the french polish method. Since I'd never done that before YouTube was a lot of help; "It takes a while" is an understatement, but...
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    Last Project

    Just joined and thought I'd post a picture of my last project. It's a keepsake box for the wife. It's made of solid 4/4-ish Bubinga and finished with a french polish. Both were a first for me. We do like to change up wood species - the plant stand I'm working on now is Purpleheart but...
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    Hello from Moyock

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! And Mike - I noticed the "we like pictures here" comments in forum posts, so I'll post a picture of my last project soon.
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    Hello from Moyock

    Hi everyone. I've been woodworking on and off for years but recently retired so there's finally more time to dive into projects. We just moved from VA to NC too, and while looking for a source of supplies down here, I ran across the forum. Great to see there's somewhere to collaborate with...

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