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    Media Credenza Project

    Beautiful piece. Nicely done
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    Large Bookcase Commission Job- Is Glue Optional in a Dado?

    Given the size of the case and the weight of it with and without books, I would not chintz on the glue, particularly for the lower half. Books are quite heavy when crammed in.
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    Schaff tool chisels

    I am a prime member and after applying the code, the price drops to $19. Somebody is goofing somewhere.
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    Help identify this wood in our dining room table

    Thanks. It is a beautiful table and somewhat the centerpiece of our home. It is rarely used, like our china, and really only at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the time we gather around the kitchen table (which shows much more wear!)
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    Help identify this wood in our dining room table

    Thanks. The hue or tone is what threw me. The wood is quite a bit darker than I would expect from cherry. But after 100 years of exposure to light, it has of course darkened a good bit.
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    Help identify this wood in our dining room table

    My wife is wanting me to build something that matches our dining room table. I have a lot to learn about identifying wood so am asking for help to ensure success. My wife acquired our dining table 40 years ago from her grandmother. I believe the table was made about 100 years ago. Family...
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    Where is the best place to buy cherry in NC?

    Thanks, but conover is a longer haul for me.
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    Where is the best place to buy cherry in NC?

    Thank you. I will head their way next week. Too bad I had not heard of them during football season as I went by Kernersville every Saturday it seems.
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    Where is the best place to buy cherry in NC?

    Have a project in mind and need to buy either 10/4 or 8/4 for the table legs and then 5/4 for the top and sides. I recall someone in the Hickory area that had a barn full of cherry would but have not been able to find the poster through the search function. I have noticed lots of forum members...
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    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop - Re-opening on Sundays in CARY

    what time do you open on Sunday?
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    Looking for source(s) for cabinet-grade plywood near Raleigh

    Not sure I agree with that. I bought 6 or 7 sheets a while back and they were running a special. It was cheaper than expected and high quality. The Hardwood place is too far for the gentleman so not an option.
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    Looking for source(s) for cabinet-grade plywood near Raleigh

    Capital Lumber sells cabinet grade plywood. They also have the 5X5 baltic birch
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    Delta tablesaw

    Well we have one person on the "nice" list and another on the "naughty" list. Pretty easy to see who is who.
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    Post what you're building..

    Two of my three grandsons will be arriving this week for Christmas. The older one could care less about making sawdust but the seven year old is my budding woodworker along with my determined fishing buddy. Saw this pattern last month in a woodworking magazine and thought it would be a good...
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    New table saw advice

    If there is any way to swing the money, get the Sawstop Jobsite Pro. It is an excellent saw for $1499, and you will keep your fingers.
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    Post what you're building..

    Oldest grandson asked for a display unit for his Lego collection for Christmas. Have all the boxes built and painted and the top is nearing completion. Need to put the base together today. Over 10 feet long. Updated for pics after installation
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    Shop heaters

    Wool socks and a beanie hat work pretty well for me
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    Lumber for sale - Craigslist

    Yes, the fellow sounds a bit hapless. It appears that his girlfriend has exercised some wisdom.
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    Lumber for sale - Craigslist

    So how does he plan to sell the rest if his storage place is 80 miles from his residence. I am not about to drive that far and then have him be a no show. It does not make sense why he is storing the lot so far from where he lives. Sounds like someone died and one of the siblings is making...
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    Calling all Wilmingtonians

    Well, only two folks have raised their hands to join me. So will make this final appeal for interest. By the way, I have found the staff at Anchor Woodworks to be extremely helpful and nice. Hope everyone in ILM gives them some patronage.

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