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    Jet Dust Collector

    PM sent on sharpener as well
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    For Sale: PORTER-CABLE Biscuit Joiner 557 - Like New

    It does work flawlessly at what it does, provide accurate alignment. Festool domino jointer serves a different purpose.
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    For Sale: PORTER-CABLE Biscuit Joiner 557 - Like New

    Correct…biscuit is for alignment and dominos are for alignment and structure.
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    For Sale: PORTER-CABLE Biscuit Joiner 557 - Like New

    The Domino joint is drastically different than a biscuit jointer. Dominos are used as a structural and alignment while the biscuit jointer is for alignment (it’s known to not rely in biscuit wafers for structure) They are excellent at alignment though. Although expensive, the domino jointer is...
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    For Sale: PORTER-CABLE Biscuit Joiner 557 - Like New

    Like new condition, comes with several different sizes of biscuits and optional measuring tool for cutter. I’m only selling as I recently purchased a Festool Domino and am trying to reduce my total tool inventory. The jointer works flawlessly. Price: $125 Location: Durham, NC
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    For Sale: Bosch JS572EBK 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit

    New condition, Bosch JS572EBK 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit. In all honesty I don’t even recall using it, it’s essentially brand new. Price: $150 Location: Durham, NC Includes: (3) Assorted Jig Saw Blades (1) Anti-Splinter Insert (2601016093) (1) Plastic Shoe (2601099225) (1) Carrying Case
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    Miter saws for use close to a wall

    I just picked up this same miter saw on clearance at Lowes…can’t beat $165. It’s one of the few on the market with forward facing rails.
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    Looking for source(s) for cabinet-grade plywood near Raleigh

    Hardwood store in Gibsonville was roughly half price compared to Capital lumber for full sheets of Walnut and Baltic birch when I checked last month….well worth the drive.
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    Hammer A3-31

    I believe Felder was running discounted prices till the beginning of Jan…good time to buy
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    Hello from Apex

    Welcome, I’m not too far away
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    Hi from Durham

    Hello all, I’ve been tracking this forum for quite some time but just recently became a formal member. I’m just a hobbiest who is starting to build up their garage shop. Interested in mainly MCM style furniture or more modern design
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    Festool Domino DF500Q Set Plus Joiner (SOLD)

    I’m interested in just the loose dominos and cutters in you’re willing to part

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