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  1. bobby g

    Cutting boards - mostly just showing off

    Great designs Greg!
  2. bobby g

    First woodworking project for nephew

    Great project and results. Thanks for sharing Phil.
  3. bobby g

    Bandsaw Wanted

    Wanted - 14" bandsaw without riser block. Prefer name brand in very good condition. Thanks. Bob
  4. bobby g

    52 in 52

    Your rate of output is amazing! The work is very nice too. I’ll bet you’re one of the most efficient drivers on the road.
  5. bobby g

    Large Bookcase Commission Job- Is Glue Optional in a Dado?

    I routinely just insert the shelves into tight dados and drive screws to hold them in place when it’s a built-in and they’ll never show.
  6. bobby g

    C-table project

    Great to see your work again Salem. I had been wondering if you were still in the area. The table looks great!
  7. bobby g

    Dust Collector Room Size Question

    Not sf right?
  8. bobby g

    NEW SUPPLY, SAME GREAT BUY! To order message me, sawman101.

    What size are they Bruce?
  9. bobby g

    Lie-Neilsen Rabbet Block Plane - SOLD

    Lie-Neilsen Rabbet Block Plane. Model L-N 60 1/2 R. New in box. This is the version without the nickers. $125. Cash only. Located in Pittsboro, NC. Thanks. Bob
  10. bobby g

    Because I can

    Very nice Scott!
  11. bobby g

    Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top

    Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Variable Speed Sanding and Scraping/Cutting Tool with Case. Lightly used and in like-new condition. Photo shown is stock photo. $225. Cash only. Located in Pittsboro.
  12. bobby g

    Looking for source(s) for cabinet-grade plywood near Raleigh

    They had a 5 sheet minimum at one time.
  13. bobby g

    Husky adjustable work table - $200 (Hillsborough) GONE

    Thanks for posting this Martin. I'm getting it tomorrow for my partner Jean's glass studio. Happy New Year!
  14. bobby g

    Husky 5 ft. adjustable height workbench - $100 (New Bern) GONE

    A big thank you to Martin for posting this. It really was a great deal at $100! I've been looking for a quick solution for something with adjustable height to put my Midi Rykon lathe on but didn't know of this offering by HD. So, when I saw the post I got excited until I considered that I'd have...
  15. bobby g

    Doll Cradle

    Beautiful! Nice work Mark bobby g
  16. bobby g

    Small turning job

    Mike Davis is handling this. Bob
  17. bobby g

    Clamps For sale - SOLD

    2 Jorgenson 3706-HD. These are heavy-duty clamps with a 3" reach and sell for about $14 each. The 2 Bessey GSCC3.506 are also heavy-duty clutch style, have a 3.5" reach and sell for about $15 each. I'm asking $10 each or $35 for all 4. Located in Pittsboro. Thanks for looking. Bob
  18. bobby g

    Small turning job

    PM sent. Good luck with the surgery Mike.
  19. bobby g

    Small turning job

    I met a man recently at a craft show who needs to have 3 jumbo sized Cribbage pegs turned so that he can finish restoring an oversize Cribbage board given to him by his father many years ago. See photo. It is about 3" long and 3/4" in diameter at its top. Maple would be a good wood to use. I can...
  20. bobby g

    107 Year Old Red Oak Wood

    Price and location? Minimum purchase? Thanks. Bob

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