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  1. CLetts

    Almost had myself convinced

    I noticed that you live in Pikeville. I live off Hwy 13 about 3/4 mile North of the new bypass. I have a garage full of woodworking tools and I've even been known to make a few things. I'd be glad to help you mill lumber, build a piece of furniture, etc. PM me if you're interested. :thumbs_up
  2. CLetts

    Need to find someone with a 15" or wider planer in Goldsboro area

    In making a cutting board for a friend, I had 8/4 purpleheart and maple in 7 3/4" widths. At the last minute I decided to add 1/4" to each slat so I wouldn't waste the last inch of wood from each board. For some reason this didn't register in my brain that instead of ending up with a 12" width...
  3. CLetts

    Grommet for A Wooden Box?

    I've seen grommets on website.
  4. CLetts

    Suede Tex flocking

    Used it on a large project... You can dry fit the project together and using a thin pencil, mark the inside joints. Disassemble, apply painters tape over areas that will be glued for joinery. Brush on the matching color flock adhesive then remove the tape and flock. This allows you to work on...
  5. CLetts

    Comment by 'CLetts' in media 'SEAFULL2_'

    very over the top!
  6. CLetts

    Wood Rasps

    This is a copy/paste from his blog. Rasps to give you superpowers: I use and am very fond of Auriou rasps, which are made in France and beat the pants off any other rasp I’ve tried, vintage or modern. You might disagree with me, but I’ve made my choice. Whenever I mention Auriou rasps...
  7. CLetts

    Best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals ??

    Short Answer: 40's & 24's. Long Answer: Back when I first started buying Parallel Clamps, I bought the longer ones. My theory being "you can clamp a small glue up with a large clamp but you can't clamp a large glue up with a small clamp". Then as my budget allowed, I started buying the...
  8. CLetts

    Cutting Down Trees

    Googled it?!:BangHead: That never occurred to me for some reason! :BangHead: Thanks for the help!! -Carl
  9. CLetts

    Cutting Down Trees

    I'm not used to cutting down trees specifically for milling, but there's this "warning" in the back of my head that there's a "best time" of the year to do this. A friend of mine has cherry and walnut trees that he needs removed and he's offering me the wood. They don't need immediate removal...
  10. CLetts

    Replacement Knives

    I usually start with searches on Amazon and eBay. Replacement knives for "brand/model" should get some kind of hit.
  11. CLetts

    Does anyone have the Guinever Sand and Polish Motor by King Arthur?

    I don't personally own one, but a good friend of mine has one and has loaned it to me for extended periods. I would definitely recommend it for purchase. -Carl
  12. CLetts

    Hello from VA

    Hiya Jim, where in VA are you?
  13. CLetts

    Amazon Prime Increasing from $79 to $99

    sonuvagun, I did pay $79 last year. oops!:embaresse
  14. CLetts

    Amazon Prime Increasing from $79 to $99

    I purchased prime last year because I ordered from Amazon so often and it included Videos as well. Suddenly they're collecting NC Sales Tax and now a 41% increase (I paid $70, not $79), in membership. I think they've run me away.
  15. CLetts

    Poplar - $1.00 per Bd Ft

    Anyone who has not contacted me about (and is still interested in), getting some of this poplar, please at least contact me by this weekend. It doesn't have to be picked up right away but I need to finalize what I will be keeping. I have 200-300 bf. that I can still let go. Thanks! :icon_thum
  16. CLetts

    "Ask Me Anything" online this weekend

    This is a copy/paste from a website called ---------- charles neil will be doing an AMA on the weekend of march 1 and 2. he will try to start around 9ish saturday morning and more or less wrap it up sunday afternoon. he might not be a constant presence, but he will definitely be...
  17. CLetts

    Poplar - $1.00 per Bd Ft

    right now I have the following people listed as interested. Please contact me via email to confirm your interest. thanks! :wsmile: Brent - Holly Springs - 100b' Gonzalo - Cary - 100b' Chris M. - Raleigh - 50-100b' Mike - Chapel Hill - 100b' Dirk - Clayton - 100b' Tom - Bailey - I would...
  18. CLetts

    Poplar - $1.00 per Bd Ft

    Picked up the poplar today. I want to let everyone know that this is not FAS lumber. When I got there, he then told me it was #1 common. Most of it is between 4 - 5" wide with some around 8" wide.
  19. CLetts

    Overstock Sale

    Oh, sorry (duhhhh me) that part didn't copy/paste. It's from Charles Neil up in New Market, VA. -Carl
  20. CLetts

    Overstock Sale

    I rec'd this email and thought I'd share it, in case any NCWW'rs might be interested: February 24, 2014 Carl Good Monday Afternoon! Well, we are starting to sort through our 'stuff' getting ready for the move and we are finding that there are some items we would like to sell. We have...

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