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  1. ChuckC

    What is the best wood for a Hope Chest?

    I had the same issues as you when I wanted to make one for my daughter this past Christmas. This is what I came up with... made out of oak with simple joinery. View image in gallery I lined the bottom with cedar. Hope this helps. :occasion1 View image in gallery
  2. Blanket Chest Completed

    Blanket Chest Completed

  3. Blanket Chest w/o Lid

    Blanket Chest w/o Lid

  4. Blanket Chest Dry Fit

    Blanket Chest Dry Fit

  5. Blanket Chest Front & Sides

    Blanket Chest Front & Sides

  6. Oak Blanket Chest (Front)

    Oak Blanket Chest (Front)

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  8. family_132


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  10. DSCF07071


  11. DSCF0706


  12. DSCF0705


  13. ChuckC

    Another Flag case

    Very nice Joe! I was recently asked by a soldier to make one for her father. Did you make it from plans?
  14. ChuckC

    Happy Birthday ChuckC

    Thanks guys!
  15. ChuckC

    Newbie Chick in Stedman/Fayetteville

    Welcome Cynthia! We've got some great woodworkers here in Fayetteville...look forward to your posts!
  16. ChuckC

    Good Morning from Goose Creek, SC

    Welcome Jack! My wife and I graduated from Goose Creek High School in '72 and have lived here in Fayetteville for many years during and after an Army career. It's always a pleasure to hear from someone back home...look forward to your posts,
  17. ChuckC

    Lunch Bunch

    Count me in
  18. ChuckC

    Sewing Center Cabinet (Completed)

    Re: Sewing Center Cabinet Great job Mac...that will look awesome in that addition you built! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
  19. ChuckC

    Shop Projects

    It works a wholle lot better than I do!! I'm actually starting to scare myself...Evidently I'm so easily entertained I find myself running boards through various machines just to watch sawdust disappear out the back wall...sad!:no::rotflm:
  20. ChuckC

    Shop Projects

    Mac you left out a project! Somehow, while working on your shop projects you found the time to help out with mine...installing a dust collection system. You did an awesome job on all 3!! :notworthy::eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap

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