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    Is any drill worth $575?

    Festool is pretty awesome. There isn't a comparison to a harbor freight drill, but you could get 20 of those and still have more money in you wallet. I got the domino and it is awesome and the tracksaw is sweet too. I considered the drills but went with makita because of the money.
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    Hardwood Source Charlotte to Spartanburg Area

    I'd go with Wurth. Right around the corner and will have pretty much anything you want.
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    Housing Recovery

    I know that when I am slow, I pick up installs here and there for a cabinet company in Charlotte. I know that over the last couple of weeks and really the next two months at least they are slammed and it is all new construction.
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    Wavy cuts on the sawmill

    I think that dull blades were the culprit. I found a blade that had been resharpened but not used since and didn't have a problem with it. Maybe it was sharpened different or better than the other I had been using. I am just going to take the rest to be sharpened and maybe get a few new so I...
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    Wavy cuts on the sawmill

    This is a question for those who actually know what they are doing. I have been using the lt40 woodmizer and several of the last logs have been real wavy. I was curious what the fixes might be. I am cutting pretty big(32" wide) white oak. The blades are old but were resharpened. I didn't...
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    phenolic plywood

    you can get that stuff at lowes, not as good quality though
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    $180 Framing Square ??????

    I think we all must have missed the hundred dollar mail in rebate.
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    Best wood dealers in Charlotte

    Not sure how much money you will be spending, but if you have an account and drop over 400 bucks they will deliver for 9.25. It is a no brainer, costs more to drive there with a trailer.
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    Best wood dealers in Charlotte

    dont need an account at wurth, but it will be cheaper. they will have anything that you can think of.
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    Orbital Sander recommendation

    I have the bosch. I like it but the sanding pad wore out fast. I got a portercable and the pad has lasted much longer. I don't know the normal time before having to replace them, but the bosch was only after a month. And that is what led to the PC purchase, because Lowes and HD don't carry...
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    Why stain good wood?

    Most of my work is for other people and lately most things are being painted. Given they are cabinets, little bit of furniture, but they are being painted rather than stained or left natural.
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    painting kitchen cabinets

    Wurth, not sure if there is one in Raleigh
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    fair price to plane wood

    It is clean lumber just picked up from the kiln. i have a pretty good size planer, 20". Nothing like a benchtop. It is the shopfox. I figure it would take two passes. It has a rate of 23 lf a minute. This comes out to 1800 roughly a hour. So in two hours I could run 1800 feet and make...
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    fair price to plane wood

    I have had a work/friend call me up and want me to plane a few thousand linear feet of pine from 1" down to 3/4". I didn't know what a fair price to charge to do this type of job. $.20 a lf sound alright?
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    Who or what started your WWing bug

    Re: Who are what started your WWing bug I started installing cabinets for Merillat. A few years ago they decided to make all the contractors become employees. Not too long after that I got laid off. What I thought was the worst day of my life turned out to be the best. I then decided I...
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    Sawstop incident report

    I strongly disagree James. I think of my self as pretty safe, but I have cut up my hand on the table saw. I am sure there are a lot safer people out there that have done the same thing. It is an accident. It is like automobile insurance, which I am sure you have, because you never know when...
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    help with drawer slides

    seen those at lowes. they will seperate if you pull them hard after you get them halfway. they are pretty weak though. i tried them out and ended up taking them back. hope you have better luck.
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    Planer Decision

    I have a 20" now. i used to have the dewalt smaller one. It got worn out so I decided to get a little bit bigger. I really do enjoy being able to plane a much bigger board. Changing knives isn't as easy and they are more expensive. Also material coming out of dewalt took a lot less sanding...
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    Shaper vs Router Table

    Like I said before, I spent more money on my router setup then the shaper with the feeder. Jessum thinks a lot of their stuff. When I got my router setup, I had just gotten a cabinet job and said I was going to get the best I could find, which I did. I guess I didn't have the normal...
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    Shaper vs Router Table

    I probably wouldn't use the shaper without the feeder. I wouldn't feel comfortable. I think if I mess up on the router it is going to tear up my finger. I figure if I mess up on the shaper, I may lose a hand. A little excessive, but you get what I am trying to say. The feeder, as said...

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