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  1. McRabbet

    Just Ordered Another Veritas Hand Tool ...

    Many of you know that I am a Lee Valley Tool fanatic and I just placed an order for a new addition to my collection of marking tools. Thought I'd share it with you all (be sure to watch the video before you buy) ...
  2. McRabbet

    Been Here Forever but Posting Again

    This was originally posted in November 2005 and is unchanged New Member from HendersonvilleI was quite pleased :-) when I found this site while looking for some woodworking information -- I retired in January 2003 and moved to Hendersonville early last year and have been building my first...
  3. McRabbet

    Congratulations to Al Spicer - Grand Prize Winner of Popular Woodworking Contest

    Al Spicer of Bessemer City has won the Grand Prize in Popular Woodworking's 2017 Excellence Awards. Here is the announcement made by Editor Megan Fitzpatrick. I've seen this table at Al's shop and it is magnificent! Kudos to a fine woodworker and a great guy!
  4. McRabbet

    Randall "Randy" Osborne (ozzie-x)

    Randall “Randy” Osborne June 11, 1957 to June 2, 2010 Randy Osborne passed away at his home in Clyde, NC after an aggressive brain tumor shortened his time with us. Randy was a native and lifelong resident of Haywood County and was a well-respected electrical engineer and designer with...
  5. McRabbet

    Great Deal on Makita Drill/Impact Driver Combo

    About a year ago I bought a variation on this Makita variable speed Lithium Ion Drill/Driver combo set for just over $200 and they have been rock solid. CPO Outlets has them on sale for $179 with free shipping. The LXT Series are the high-end Makita tools with two 2.0 AH Li-Ion batteries and...
  6. McRabbet

    Fulfilling a Long-time Dream

    I have always wanted a good small tool chest and I finally have made the move to get one from the most coveted source for wood tool chests, Gerstner & Sons. They are running a great sale right now and I decided it was time to pull the trigger on a good model in kit form. Here is the sale...
  7. McRabbet

    An Amazing Cure for the Noisy Router

    Lee Valley Tools has just announced a new Veritas product guaranteed to cure the deafening scream of the woodworkers router. It looks to be yet another real winner in their quest to produce precision tools. Be sure to watch the video to get the true gist of every feature of this fine tool...
  8. McRabbet

    The Making of Lee Valley Custom Planes is Finally Revealed

    I have become a bit of a fanatic over the quality bench and block planes that Lee Valley Tools makes and sells. Last Fall, I saw the new Veritas Custom Bench Planes as they were revealed to the world for the first time at Woodworking In America in Winston-Salem -- Wow! are they cool. Well now...
  9. McRabbet

    User Tags

    Whenever I post to a thread, I never see "Corporate Member" or "DQ", only "Staff Advisor" and "User". I know I am DQ and have Corporate Member status -- just curious why my User Tags are different from other past Board members (my visit numbers are just under 7 days a week). I'd appreciate it...
  10. McRabbet

    Klingspor's new Woodworking Store in Asheville

    Everyone in the western part of NC and upstate SC will be pleased to know that Klingspor's Woodworking Shop Asheville is now open in Fletcher, between Asheville and Hendersonville off Airport Road. The new store is magnificent -- spacious and well stocked with oodles of great products. They...
  11. McRabbet

    Christmas in July?

    Yep! ClearVue Cyclones is having a 10-day sale with different gifts (specials) each day. Check it out!
  12. McRabbet

    Wood Slabs for Sale in Asheville

    I am posting these items on behalf of Mitch Trager (mltrager) who has sold his home in Asheville and is selling off most of his wood stash and several of his woodworking power tools. I'll post some pictures and then a description of the slabs themselves. Items labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been...
  13. McRabbet

    A Surprising Similarity

    I like to watch the selected gallery photos that are displayed at the top of the Home page and I was amazed at one from WoodWrangler's Kitchen Remodel done in December 2008, shown here. If I have my dates correct, Jeremy left this behind in his home when he moved to Florida. Jeremy's counter...
  14. McRabbet

    I say Goodbye to a Dear Friend

    This morning, my 12 year old Great Pyrenees Badger took his last trip with me to go join his Mom across the Rainbow Bridge (In case you don’t know about this amazing spot, check He passed peacefully with the help of our vet, Karen Davis, at 10:00 AM this...
  15. McRabbet

    AN Amazing Deal for the next few days

    Here is an amazing deal on a fully equipped ClearVue Cyclone system for about $500 off normal pricing. I must admit that I have a vested interest in any sales -- I provide the bin sensor system that is included with this offer. The special expires on Thursday, so you'll need to act quickly if...
  16. McRabbet

    A Thank You!

    Kudos to Charlie (Stickney) for hosting my grandson and me today for a warm welcome and personal tour of one of the nicest shops on the planet. For those that have never seen it, Charlie has a very well organized layout and has built practical and beautiful cabinets and features around every...

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