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  1. srhardwoods

    Looking for Sycamore

    Anyone have or know of a good source for quartersawn Sycamore? Looking for around 1000 bf mainly 4/4 but some 6/4 and 8/4. Thanks
  2. srhardwoods

    Flattening on CNC

    I figured I would start a new thread instead of continuing on the other thread which was kind of hijacked. Daniel, this is how I flatten on my table. The ply under the slab is sacrificial. couple blocks and wedges to hold it in place. It doesn't take a lot of pressure to hold it and...
  3. srhardwoods

    Cabinet build

    I'm starting a cabinet build, which will take a lot of time but I think it's going to look great. Flat panels are highly figured Ambrosia Maple veneered and bookmatched fronts with a soft maple backer. They'll be put in a Peruvian Walnut frame with a small Wenge bead. More to come as time allows.
  4. srhardwoods

    exotics sale

    I know I'm out of reach for most folks, but if anyone is near me this coming weekend, I have a few items we have drastically discounted I have put together 2 units of 5/4 Quartersawn Sapele 8' lengths random width some pieces up to 15" wide. Each unit is 108bf and being sold at $4.25bf for the...
  5. srhardwoods

    Sawyers advice

    I recently was able to get my hands on a couple large sycamore trees, which I'll be quartersawing. One of them has a large burl on the side, or what appears to be a burl. Small end diameters of the logs are 48", the burl is about 32" long by 40". Looking for advice from sawyers who have sawn...
  6. srhardwoods

    inventory reduction

    I know we are a ways away from most folks in the group, but in case you are near by or want to go in with others on some bundles, We have just placed an order for a much larger CNC machine, and due to its size and support equipment it requires we must make additional room in our building...
  7. srhardwoods

    Tool Gloat!!

    Haven't done a tool gloat....I don't think but I'm excited on this one. Just finished up a 22 hour round trip picking up the new shop necessity....(toy) I'm half tempted to go unload it now but it's a little dark and the crate is a little larger in size and I don't have lights on my forklift...
  8. srhardwoods

    New workbench

    Well, now that my daytime government job is done with, I'm going to be able to spend more time at the sawmill and in the shop. I decided I needed a new workbench. I didn't really have any particular type or style in mind, so I just drew something up quickly and modified it as I started. It's...
  9. srhardwoods

    advice from cnc users

    I'm looking to get a cnc machine for my shop. Most likely around a 24x36 size, it will fit into my shop and the power requirements and costs are in range. Looking for advice from people who own, or operate these size units, and any pros and cons of manufactures and software. I'll most likely...
  10. srhardwoods

    Showroom build

    well this has been a long ongoing project but I'm finally getting the walls up. electrical is done, ceiling is done heat/AC installed now putting up the wall siding. It's a T&G Juniper. Ceiling is T&G pine painted white. I'll pull a couple hundred BF out of our 30,000bf inventory for...
  11. srhardwoods

    Hickory lumber needed

    I have a friend who is looking for 12/4 hickory in 9" plus in widths. anyone know of a location within an hour and a half of conway NC? He said he could possibly work with 10/4 if needed. Not sure of any local sawyers that may saw this thickness. It does need to be kiln dried. Thanks Chris
  12. srhardwoods

    cypress lumber needed

    I know it may seem weird for a sawyer to look for lumber however my kiln has 7 loads waiting so I do not have time to cut/dry and I'm in need of cypress lumber in 4/4 and 8/4 about a 1,000bf. Can anyone recommend a supplier for kiln dried stock? Looking for select 8-10' lengths, my inventory...
  13. srhardwoods

    Line boring machine

    any members have one? thoughts on delta bench top 13 spindle or Grizzly floor models? I need one, on average won't see a lot of use however will be used quite a bit over the next couple years, but then slow down. I like the Delta price, however a little concerned on the plastic gears...
  14. srhardwoods

    Instrument builders help....

    Looking for help especially from folks who build instruments. Is there a way to test a "tonal" quality of wood, or such a thing? Short story, we are recovering sinker logs from the Nottoway at a location that had a sawmill back in the 1800's, and was burnt in 1859. These logs, mostly Cypres...
  15. srhardwoods

    advice from carvers

    Hello carvers, curiosity question for you. I have a handfull of Tupelo logs that I'm going to saw up this week. I never had the opportunity to carry Tupelo as one of our local larger mills contracted just about all of them, but I have a handufll of them to saw. What is the most common or best...
  16. srhardwoods

    inlaying stone with epoxy

    Hello everyone, I have a project I'm going to start in a few days and will consist of doing crushed stone or turquoise inlay with epoxy to fill voids. This is going to be for a table style kitchen counters for our cabin. The base will be painted to compliment or match the turquoise inlayed...
  17. srhardwoods

    looking for a sawyer

    Looking for a sawyer who travels with a slab saw, and need to know pricing and largest log you can slab. I have an opportunity to get 10' and a 14' diameter oaks, and I think I will be able to bust them in half without too much of a problem, but need someone to cut them into thick slabs for me...
  18. srhardwoods

    lumber run this saturday

    weather looks like it will be a nice day. 10-2 on Saturday! Let me know of any changes as we will have the trailer loaded Friday afternoon in our building ready to roll out early saturday. Chris
  19. srhardwoods

    Another lumber run? Mahongany

    Looking at doing one more lumber run folks, if we have interest. we have about 1400 bf of Mahogany out of Brazil. it's a very straight grained, light wood chestnut in color. it is all 4/4 and we do have some 5/4 on request, random widths 8' and 9' lengths. Here are a few pictures of some...
  20. srhardwoods

    first time turner

    okay, first time turner long time idiot......I turned a pen today and decided to do a CA finish, here is the question. how do you separate the pen from the bushings after all that CA has set? Luckily I was able to, however I know it wasn't the right way:BangHead: This was a chunk of firewood...

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