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  1. Joe Scharle

    Sad News

    He will be missed..
  2. Joe Scharle

    Dovetails on Leigh Jig

    You can significantly reduce the dust storm if you can make and adapt this to your jig.
  3. Joe Scharle

    Spice box progress

    Very nice! And a beautiful combination of woods.
  4. Joe Scharle

    Router Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    I used bump cuts a lot with changing grain, followed by a climb cut. The bump cuts prevented the cutter from biting in and taking the workpiece out of my hands. When circles or ellipsis, I'd always use a compression bit.
  5. Joe Scharle

    Rule Joint

    I used a MLCS bit set and the joint came together fine. Spent a lot of time setting the hinges. I made sure I had the setup on scrap first.
  6. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday McRabbet

    Happy Birthday MvRabbet
  7. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Happy Birthday, my friend!
  8. Joe Scharle

    Neighbor needing help

    I've seen this where the outside horizontal plane is very close to the bottom of the door opening and the flashing was poorly formed or even missing. In both cases, I had to remove the sill back to the RO and apply membrane. If the flashing is improperly installed or no flashing, then it's only...
  9. Joe Scharle

    Wop, wop, WHAP!!

    Glad to hear that because the most time consuming part of the entire toy was getting the saw mark from the windshield/hood transition. Maybe someone still doing these will put up one of the new templates for the group to use. I was doing 50/year until my allergy got me but it's a project that...
  10. Joe Scharle

    need to round over inside edge

    If a scratch block can be made to fit, it's what I'd use. I made most of mine from old hacksaw blades and a piece of scrap.
  11. Joe Scharle

    Wop, wop, WHAP!!

    Here's the template I used on 1/4" hardboard, in case you want to make some.
  12. Joe Scharle

    DW 735 Planer Dust Port to Shop vac adapter (is there one)

    DeWalt sells a hose system for trash cans. I have mine attached to a 50 gal fiber can.
  13. Joe Scharle

    Carriage Garage Door

    Built these a few years ago from 5/4 cypress. The hinges are made from old cultivator shanks (local machine shop). They are extremely heavy due to 2 board thickness. Altogether there are 6 doors. These doors are the primary reason I bought a tracksaw. Look at some of the angles!
  14. Joe Scharle

    Best wood for painted face frame

    +1 maple
  15. Joe Scharle

    Great CHEAP but effective Push Pads

    Years ago, Home Depot had a barrel of those @ $1.00 each. Didn't ask why just bought 10 of them. Gave some away and blades cut right through the thin aluminum BTW.
  16. Joe Scharle

    New Member in Havelock

    Welcome and watch for New Bern lunch meetups on this site...
  17. Joe Scharle

    Cleaning up glue squeeze out

    Since I use sanding sealer (dewaxed shellac) on almost everything I make prior to glue up, when the glue firms up I flick it off with a chisel.
  18. Joe Scharle

    A "Quiet" vacuum?

    My Fein has a wire basket that attached to the top. Has brackets for looping a length of hose and the basket catches whatever I need to sit down. BTW I've had it 15 years.....Not sure how long Steve Coles had it before me.
  19. Joe Scharle

    Cherry Bookcase

    Very nice indeed! Like you, I only apply glue to the front 2" but I find slathering wax on the rest (both parts) makes it a lot easier.
  20. Joe Scharle

    Dado vs router

    If your choices are between a router table or stacked dado blades, then you may as well use the dado stack. However, if you use a dado router jig, then you'll never have a need for a dado stack. One of the truths about plywood is it's inconsistently in thickness and tendency to bow. Put a large...

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