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    Need letters to carve in Wood

    Here's an idea I've tried that works fairly well, but could use some tweaking: Find a font you like on WORD, or look online for other font styles. Type or download the letters and scale them to the size you want to carve. Then flip the text (or image if you've downloaded the letters) to get a...
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    Small Shops with Dust Collection System

    Robert, My shop is 17' X 29'. It probably qualifies as a small shop. It certainly feels like one. I installed a ClearVue 1800CV cyclone in to 7 or 8 years ago and I've been very happy with the installation. I originally worried that the ClearVue was overkill for a shop the size of mine, but I...
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    Plane Organization

    Very nice! Organization is wonderful.
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    RAS Bench Upgrade Completed

    You're welcome, John. I'm glad you can use some of it. Hank
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    RAS Bench Upgrade Completed

    John, I built my RAS fence and stop blocks years ago from an article in one of the magazines. I wish I could give you the cite, but I don't recall it. I think the design in the magazine was for a miter gauge extension with stop blocks. I just extended it and modified it for my RAS. The top of...
  6. RAS_Bench_Build_023_Medium_


  7. RAS_Bench_Build_022_Medium_


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  14. RAS_Bench_Build_015_Medium_


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  16. RAS_Bench_Build_017_Medium_


  17. RAS_Bench_Build_010_Medium_


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    RAS Bench Upgrade Completed

    Mike, The RAS bench is the same height as my workbench: 34". Feel free to take as many ideas as you like. That's why I posted the photos. Hank
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    RAS Bench Upgrade Completed

    Thanks, all, for the compliments. I'm looking forward to actually using the RAS. It's been "down" during the construction. Actually, that was a good thing. I took the opportunity to have the saw motor serviced with new bearings and a new power cord. Nothing had been done to it since the 1950s; I...
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    RAS Bench Upgrade Completed

    I have a Rockwell Super 900 RAS that my father bought new back in the 1950s. It's a great saw, but my setup for it was terrible. The saw was on it's original rolling stand and I had two separate benches cobbled together on either side of it against the wall behind my workbench. The whole thing...

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