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    Workbench Build (Roubo/21st Century Mix) - UPDATE

    Re: Workbench First Steps Not unique but here is an idea I've seen before. On one end of the bench mount 2 wheels on the SIDE of the bench where they will just barely clear the floor when the bench is sitting flat. Centered in the opposite end of the bench, just off the floor mount a...
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    Harbor Freight Bandsaw

    Lets try this again. My original reply got lost somewhere out in the ethernet. Dwight I know of several folks, myself included that had problems with Harbor Freight power tools/machinery. The short version is "you get what you pay for". Hope this helps scott
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    Welcome Nick but I'm pretty sure you violated some federal law by LEAVING Florida when you retired. I thought everyone that was retirement age that entered Fla had to stay. :) scott
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    Floor Nailer

    Hauser rental over off Stratford Road near the mall has the nailers. For 600 ft I'd just rent the manual. If everything is ready and you've got some help, you can lay that amount in about a day. Although, if you don't have any help you may want to consider renting the pnuematic particularly if...
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    nother new guy

    Thanks for the welcome. I hope to be in here often. scott
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    nother new guy

    New to CWW. I've grew up working on projects with my Dad, complaining about most of them once I became a teenager, quit almost entirely once I moved away from home except for mandatory home improvement projects. Somewhere in my late 20's I started doing woodworking projects again because I...

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