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  1. srhardwoods

    Looking for source(s) for cabinet-grade plywood near Raleigh

    I generally stay mute on a lot of these posts about pricing due to the fact that there are so many things that need to be compared equally. One of the most difficult items to keep a price sheet on is ply. Plywood is much more difficult to compare than lumber. Numerous things to consider, A-1...
  2. srhardwoods

    Sheathing Recommendations

    I did something completely different. This was at the time that supplies were relatively stable so wouldn't apply now but might help someone in the future if/when they return to somewhat normal. I do not like drywall idea, having to use anchors to hang things from incase you can't hit a stud...
  3. srhardwoods


    I was told by Virginia, that they have to be covered on workmans comp if they work in your shop. There are a lot of people (I know a dozen of them) who have hired people, but try to beat the system by 1099 them only to find out the hard way. 1 shop I supply cabinet parts to was doing that...
  4. srhardwoods

    Kem Aqua and Plus help for a newbie

    look at a couple videos on a google search. Very simple. it will all be effected by tip size, air pressure, speed of moving the gun across the object, how close you are to the object etc. Kem Aqua is looking for 1-1.25 mils dry. it is just over 30% solids, so think that the other 70% is the...
  5. srhardwoods

    Kem Aqua and Plus help for a newbie

    I spray kem aqua regularly, however I do not thin it. I'm using a AAA pump which might be why. They do recommend no more than 2% reductions, here is a section of their PDS Reduction: Apply full body. If reduction is needed to optimize application, use up to 2% water. To ensure optimal per-...
  6. srhardwoods

    Wood choice for farm house trestle table

    Instead of red oak, myself I would go with ash. You are doing a white wash finish and using ash would eliminate, or hopefully eliminate the red/pick tone of the wood. Look for a white ash on one face to make it consistent and keeping a consistent color tone. White oak right now is incredibly...
  7. srhardwoods

    Custom shaper cutters

    I'm fond of the moulder head and corrugated knives. 1 head, multiple knives allow a lot of flexibility. This one is a bullnose knife with multiple sizes, just raise or lower for what size you need.
  8. srhardwoods

    Custom shaper cutters

    Willem, I use 2 companies. If I'm looking for carbide inserts, I use they have done excellent job on carbide inserts and custom heads. Although Pricey, excellent work. If carbide is not needed then I use Custom Moulding Knives - The Original Tim does a nice job cutting...
  9. srhardwoods

    Soft Close Drawer slide recommendation for kitchen wanted

    are you going to keep the existing drawer boxes or are you going to make new ones? What thickness is the drawer box material and what is the gap from the edge of the face frame to the drawer box on each side?
  10. srhardwoods

    Anyone use (or tried) SW Kem Aqua? Any advice for spraying?

    I get mine out of Ahoskie, NC. It's not one of the industrial finish locations, that location for me is out of Richmond
  11. srhardwoods

    Anyone use (or tried) SW Kem Aqua? Any advice for spraying?

    I spray it every week. I switched from ML cambel aqualente a couple years ago. It sprays great. I use the Gen II universal primer as I find it to block bleed through better than the kem apua primer. The Gen II Universal primer will dry in about 20 minutes, sands like chaulk powder and ready...
  12. srhardwoods

    1/4" plywood source

    Bill, I lay up on BB quite often. I'm getting ready to start building a new shop and home in Chatham, 29/57 north of Dannville. I could bring some sheets when I go there if we ever could make that work.
  13. srhardwoods

    I bought a thrift store Williams & Hussey

    I have been running one for quite a while. Impressive machines and you can produce moldings quickly. You can build eliptical jigs for curved moldings as well. Limitation is they can not do more than 3/4" depth of cut. One of the largest moldings I've run is the chicago bar rail...
  14. srhardwoods

    We need to update our wood supplier list

    I keep about 30k bf of hardwoods on hand, baltic birch ply, prefinished maple ply oak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash, purpleheart, sapele, padauk, poplar, etc. I'm on the VA/NC line in suffolk next to gates county. Somerton Ridge Hardwoods...
  15. srhardwoods

    An interesting beech tree

    I've had a few beech trees on my farm just like that. I sawed 1 up and yes that will be curly beech. Mine was 36" in diameter. Trees with thicker bark will show that under the bark on the skin as well but harder to see without bark removed.
  16. srhardwoods

    Outdoor Cabinets - what materials?

    Starboard is the best bet. Pricey, but pay now or pay later. Machines easily, stainless steel screws. You can route the doors to look like a raised panel if you like. It comes in numerous colors and thickness.
  17. srhardwoods

    White cabinet doors.

    I've been told wurth will sell to walkins, in Norfolk at least they do. You can contact a cabinet shop and see if they will sell you some as well. I have customers that call me for it quite a bit. double refined/super refined are the same, some companies use different terminology for it. It...
  18. srhardwoods

    White cabinet doors.

    Wurth wood group, A&M supply will carry the double refined MDF. I use it for my panels sanded to 400 grit, scuff sand in between coats with 320. After widebelt sanding, RO sand to 180 to get out the cross grain scratches. 2 coats of hi solid primer followed by 1 top coat of color finish.
  19. srhardwoods

    Looking for Sources of Rough Sawn Lumber near Outer Banks...

    I'm just over 60 miles from Point Harbor, but if you are around this area I keep about 30,000 bf of lumber on hand. Suffolk VA on the NC/VA border

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