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  1. CLetts

    Need to find someone with a 15" or wider planer in Goldsboro area

    In making a cutting board for a friend, I had 8/4 purpleheart and maple in 7 3/4" widths. At the last minute I decided to add 1/4" to each slat so I wouldn't waste the last inch of wood from each board. For some reason this didn't register in my brain that instead of ending up with a 12" width...
  2. CLetts

    Cutting Down Trees

    I'm not used to cutting down trees specifically for milling, but there's this "warning" in the back of my head that there's a "best time" of the year to do this. A friend of mine has cherry and walnut trees that he needs removed and he's offering me the wood. They don't need immediate removal...
  3. CLetts

    "Ask Me Anything" online this weekend

    This is a copy/paste from a website called ---------- charles neil will be doing an AMA on the weekend of march 1 and 2. he will try to start around 9ish saturday morning and more or less wrap it up sunday afternoon. he might not be a constant presence, but he will definitely be...
  4. CLetts

    Overstock Sale

    I rec'd this email and thought I'd share it, in case any NCWW'rs might be interested: February 24, 2014 Carl Good Monday Afternoon! Well, we are starting to sort through our 'stuff' getting ready for the move and we are finding that there are some items we would like to sell. We have...
  5. CLetts

    Router Table "roller buddies"

    Not too long ago I saw a thread here about some new roller buddy type hold downs for a router table. They were red with inward tilted rollers that held the piece down plus pulled it toward the fence. I remember they sold for $99/pair. Does anyone remember what these were called and/or where I...
  6. CLetts many is too many?

    Do you think "A woodworker can never have too many clamps" is overstated? Think again.:eusa_naug
  7. CLetts

    Trying To Remove Classified Ad

    I want to remove my classified Ad but I can not find anything on my Ad page that will allow me to edit. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? thanks! -Carl
  8. CLetts

    DeWalt Right Angle Drill Problams (DW960)

    I have the 960 right angle drill. I was using it yesterday when suddenly the chuck stopped spinning. If there is NO pressure on the chuck it spins, but as soon as any pressure is applied it stops (motor keeps running though). Has anyone else ever run into this problem? In searching 960's, I...
  9. CLetts

    Grizzly Jointers on Sale??

    I've read threads in the past where people would mention that puts tools on sale at a certain time of the year. I'm now looking for a jointer and I'm posting this to ask if anyone knows when Grizzly usually has their woodworking tools on sale? Thanks!
  10. CLetts

    7" Jointer & Shaper Listed on CL $100 each

    Looks like a find for someone close by Ahoskie
  11. CLetts

    Pencil Post Bed Complete

    Thanks to Charles Neil and his DVD (and Ed, also), I finally delivered my oldest daughter's Tiger Maple Pencil Post Bed.:icon_cheers View image in gallery
  12. CLetts

    Any Regrets Over A Grizzly Jointer Purchase?

    I'm upgrading from a 6" benchtop jointer to an 8" floor model :eusa_danc with Helical head and mobility. I'm stuck between the Jet and the Grizzly. I know the Jet to be good but it will require purchasing a mobile base where the Grizzly comes with an integrated mobile base. Does anyone have a...
  13. CLetts

    Sealing Log Ends

    If I want to seal the ends of a log, do I need to buy the wax or will latex paint work?:dontknow:
  14. CLetts

    Woodworking 101

    Thought y'all might wanna know that Charles Neil has posted a couple of webisodes on youtube teaching us how to build a pie safe (This is a free version of his Mastering Woodworking series)
  15. CLetts

    Hello from Goldsboro

    Howdy! I've been woodworking since '03 and being single, I get the WHOLE garage for my woodshop. I enjoy building traditional kinds of furniture but I also like to make small projects (cutting boards, scrollsaw pictures, shelves, etc.), between builds. As soon as I learn how to add...
  16. CLetts

    Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil - 1 Week FREE Trial I've had a subscription to Charles Neil's "Mastering Woodworking" show for a year. I never thought I could build the things I've learned to build but I have pictures (along with two very surprised and happy daughters, one...

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