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    Thinking of getting a Laguna revo 1524 Are there any others I should consider? I don’t have 220 in the shop. I want to get into larger turnings. I currently have a rikon bench top which has been amazing. Just need something bigger for bowls and platters. I would love to...
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    Festool mft/3 table and Festool Jigsaw

    Located in N Raleigh. Cash preferred. Table/accessories $420 Jigsaw- $140 (possible trades) Rotex sander. I will double check my shop but I bet I have some more accessories that go with the table. I will update the post when I get out there later today. I bought it used a few years ago and...
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    Is anyone here selling a home in Hillsborough?

    Im an agent and showed a home in Hillsborough today with a nice shop and very nice tools. Just curious if it was anyone here. Beautiful home.
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    Sandpaper test

    I just ran out of festool 80 grit so glad I watched this. I’m giving the 3m xtract a shot. I always thought festool paper was great and worth the cost but it seems 3m blows it out of the water.
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    Looking for a barn beam for a mantel

    Does anyone near the triangle have something laying around they would be willing to sell? I will grab measurements today but looking for something around 5' or less and 6"+ thick and 6"+ deep would be preferred. Looking for something old and gray/brown or a combination. Preferably a hardwood and...
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    How much is quarter sawn red oak worth per bf?

    My buddy has a decent stack of quarter sawn red oak 4/4 or 5/4 in North Raleigh rough sawn. Stack is decent size, probably 75bf-100bf or more. What would be a fair price to ask per bf for this? We plan to get it measured out later this week or next.
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    Thinking of doing wood counters, questions…

    I’m purchasing a lake house that has laminate counters. Normally I just throw granite down but I wanted something more unique. 95% of my wood working is cutting boards so I’m leaning towards doing wood counters but have questions. There’s isn’t a lot of counter space. they will only be used on...
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    Need help fixing cabinet door

    Working on a flip house. I received a touch up kit from the cabinet company. They paint they gave me does not match, but the wax crayon thing matched well. The issue is I cant get it to sit smooth on the cabinet. We had to remove all the base cabinets to get rid of layers of flooring, and we...
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    Free ikea drawers and slides 15x15

    Pickup in north Raleigh. Drawers are 15 wide x 15 deep. Faces are white and holes were drilled for pulls. I also have the drawer slides that are soft close. Would be nice drawers to store some small items. These are free. I will leave them on my porch for pickup. Reply here to claim them.
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    Kitchen knife blanks?

    Im a realtor and make cutting boards for clients when they close on their home. These are very much appreciated. I also do gifts when someone refers me business but when I have a client that has sent me a few deals I run out of stuff to make them so I buy them something instead. I wanted to get...
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    Looking for a ridgid oscillating belt and drum sander

    Anyone near the triangle have one they want to sell?
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    Does anyone have one 3m n95 mask I can buy from you?

    Before the pandemic I had a small box of them but havent seen any in almost a year. All I need is one for a flight im going on friday, and my brother has one for me on my return flight. I hate to ask, but I know some wood workers have them. I do have a respirator but it would be awful to wear on...
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    Want to add a router to my sawstop table

    I have a sawstop cabinet saw with wood side tables. I dont do a lot of routing so I dont need the best out there. I just need a decent lift/router when I need to round over or chamfer something. I was considering a Triton router like this with a Kreg insert/switch. I do a lot of...
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    Wanting to make a salt and pepper mill

    Im looking to turn a couple mills. Has anyone bought a grind mechanism they liked? I hate to go through making them and they dont work well. Woodcraft has a couple and reviews seem fine. I have a pepper mill that works okay but its not great. I want a mechanism that works very well.
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    What kind of wood is this?

    Im sanding down a rocking chair that was given to me. What species do you think this is? Mahogany?
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    Where can I get walnut logs and branches for turning? Near the Triangle

    I would like some branches and smaller logs for turning. Any idea where I can purchase in the Triangle? I checked Facebook and Craigslist but nothing local. I did find an ad and he has this photo. He said he thinks it american Beech. Do you think the ones on the bottom ones are walnut? They...
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    Thin ca glue to seal end grain on chairs? Or epoxy?

    I finished building adirondack chairs made from cypress. I was going to epoxy the feet but thought about using a thin ca glue instead. Or maybe ca glue first and then brush on a little epoxy over the top. Thin ca seems to do well to soak into wood, it just doesn't have a long dry time. I don't...
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    Need a good finish for cypress adirondack chairs that I can spray

    I am building the chairs now and will be finishing them by this weekend hopefully. First time working with cypress and definitely not my favorite but they should look good. I was planning to epoxy the end grain touching the ground. Then finish it with a clear finish. I have an earlex HVLP...
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    Where can I get Eastern Red Cedar near Raleigh?

    Capital city lumber has some but they seem a little pricey. Anywhere in Raleigh or very close to it I can check out? I need 8" wide boards and 75'. Would like to stay in Wake County.
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    Need some simple toy ideas for kids

    I made a bunch of baby toys for clients but would like some ideas for toys for kids that are a little older. 2-5yo. Either cnc or with power tools. Prefer simple things that can be made with scraps. Any good plans out there? Maybe cars that roll or something else?

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