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  1. ChuckC

    The Rewards of Woodworking

    Never could explain very well why I loved woodworking...Partly because you can go into your own shop and make as big a mess as you want without someone saying you left something in the floor or.... You get to smoke cigars and hang out with your best friend and talk about the person that...
  2. ChuckC

    Rockler Dovetail Jig Problem

    I've spent the better part of this afternoon tinkering with this Xmas present. After several attempts I've got the jig adjusted properly but I'm experiencing some tear out when I route the tails. I'm using 3/4 red oak and a Dewalt plunge router. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks...
  3. ChuckC


    Hi all! I have been enjoying this forum for quite some time but never introduced myself. I'm Chuck Colbourne and live in Fayetteville. I have a seperate building about 100 yards from our house where I set up my woodworking shop and my dog and I spend way too much time down there. I have never...

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