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    FS: Ridgid Edge/Belt Spindle Sander - $150 *Pending* Have only used this sander a few times in the 3 years I have owned it, currently getting ready to move to need to cut down on tools a little. I will try to post pictures of it tonight Location: Knightdale...
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    Free Drum Sander (Sold) Not mine yadda yadda, could be gone by now but if not, This could be amazing deal. Located in Durham
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    Kitchen table commission

    I got approached by a neighbor asking to make them a Ping pong dinning room table, currently I am swamped with other commissions but just thought I would forward this along in case someone else has time. Table would be 8'9" x 5' wide made from ash preferably stained to a slate grey with steel...
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    Steel mill in Greenville NC?

    Hey everyone! I am getting ready to move soon and have a few upcoming projects I need to source some 2x3 steel tubing for. I was wondering if there was a mill around greenville? Prefer to buy locally
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    Mini Gyro Air

    Not sure where to post this but I wanted to share the Gyro air I designed and printed to fit a 2" dust port. It could be resized to fit any size of system just would need to rework some wall thickness to save material and print time. It'll be a week or so until I can probably hobble down to...
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    Sold: Free 1 5/8" Unistrut

    Bought a bunch to make shelving in the garage, never got around to installation. Have 6 10' lengths and 20ish 5' lengths. Take it all for free, just cleaning out the garage. Location: knightdale
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    Sold: Antique simonds handsaw, sentry level & bar clamp

    Forgot If the simonds saw was 1920s/30s but anyways this is a package deal for all 3 items. Asking $20 should be a fair price. Location: knightdale Also sorry for the bad pictures, just out in the garage sorting
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    Old Milwaukee hole hawg for sale

    Found one of my father's old pumbing drills. First Gen Milwaukee Hole hawg i believe, Still works and will break your arm if not careful. The Chuck key has been lost somewhere in time so bonus 3-1/2" milwuakee bit is included Asking $50 Location: Knightdale
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    SOLD: Bosch 1617 plunge and fixed router base

    Just cleaning out the garage this week and came across my old plunge and fixed router base for the bosch 1617. Asking $40 pretty much brand new shape since I mounted my router into a lift. Location knighdale, this is the bases only not the router motor. Item has been sold
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    14" Bandsaw - Mastercraft -SOLD-

    !4" Mastercraft Bandsaw, this thing fell into my lap and I just need to move along, It runs but it has a broken guide post and It will need a 92" blade since the one it came with was way oversized for it. Missing 2 handles which can be easily replaced besides that some TLC and this should be a...
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    1940 Thor Wormsaw -SOLD-

    Hey guys, Thor wormsaw in working condition, has the original blade and tube of grease. I only did minor maintenance to it before putting it away to wait for restoration but I just don't have the time. Price: $80 Location: Knightdale
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    No name Dust collector (220v) SOLD

    **Sold** Figured might as well throw this up too, a dust collector I purchased but never used. It's a rated at 18.2amp at 220v so that put it around 5.2hp if my math is correct, it's way overkill for my little shop setup and I'll be going smaller. Impeller size is 12" and it's missing the upper...
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    Delta Rockwell 1460 Lathe (Dc conversion) SOLD

    **Sold** Hey guys, I need to clean up my shop and decided to list this little project I worked on. Pretty much just never had time to use it after I got done restoration, bearings were replaced, everything was stripped down sealed and repainted as close to original colors as I could. It did...
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    Need Input on mobile workbench design

    Hey guys, I decided to get my tools up off the ground after seeing a design made from 2x4 and decided to make it out of 2x2 tubing instead with internal plumbing for dust collection going to an port on the back with blast gates between each tool. My thoughts on this design was being able to use...
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    Any junk Southbend Model 9's around?

    Title pretty much says it all, I need a spare parts Southbend model 9 or one to use parts from this one on another, I acquired one for cheap and the ways, gears, and jaws are very good condition but it is missing some parts so I am hoping to find another destined to the junkyard Southbend and...
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    Upcoming Estate Auction

    I can't make it to this auction but it seems to have a few decent goodies. Power feeder, bandsaw, 7" jointer, lathe, lathe tools, nailers, sanders, press, table saw, scroll saw, miter saw etc etc. Alot of harbor freight tools but...
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    Old Delta 1460 lathe questions

    Hey Everyone, Longtime lurker but never really posted, I was not planning on getting into wood turning this soon but instantly fell in love with the old iron look of the delta, but how are these lathes? I have little to no knowledge about lathes but I am very handy. Currently disassembled it...

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