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  1. McRabbet

    Help identify this wood in our dining room table

    Cherry, without any doubt.
  2. McRabbet

    Installing Blade Stiffener On Table Saw

    Lots of information here, but in my experience, a slight toe out on the fence (as Willem said) reduces any chance of kickback and burning. The other key factors are the feed rate and the blade being used (crosscut/combination/rip) and their sharp. I keep a sharp Forrest Woodworker II 40 tooth...
  3. McRabbet

    Keepsake/Jewelry Box

    Pretty piece, Dan and beautiful wood selection.
  4. McRabbet

    What is the’best’ joint for shelves on a utility cabinet

    I am a proponent of adjustable shelves, so I'd make a template using a piece of pegboard (or you may have a commercial one like I do) and drill stopped holes for shelf pins at 1" intervals near the front and back to support shelves at any level you want. Easy way to insure you can have storage...
  5. McRabbet


    A $220 purchase on Amazon Smile yields $1.10 (it is 0.5% of the sale). The $179.37 received by NCWW for last quarter was based on $35,874 in purchases. The $2,564.07 cited by Bruce in the first post was the payment from $512,814 in purchases by NCWW over several years.
  6. McRabbet

    Recent Turnings

    Superb work Charlie!
  7. McRabbet

    "Cabinet makers are a dying breed"

    I just finished watching it and it was well worth the time -- a great examination of true craftsmanship in today's age -- a Steinway is forever, for sure.
  8. McRabbet

    Happy birthday sawman101

    Have a great day, Bruce -- but remember that you are not getting older, just better!
  9. McRabbet

    Forstner bits

    Woodpeckers has the 16-piece wave edge Fisch set for $249.99 and the Black Shark 16-piece set for $299.99 (here is a link to the Wave Edge set).
  10. McRabbet

    Happy Birthday Raymond

    Have a great Day!
  11. McRabbet

    New old member...

    T, Message me with your email address and I will send you some details about the meeting and the club.
  12. McRabbet

    New old member...

    T, You might want to come join us at our next monthly meeting of the Western NC Woodworkers Association (WNCWA) to be held on 12/11 starting at 9:30 AM at the Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Fletcher. We meet every month on the second Saturday and have a good group of woodworkers from the area.
  13. McRabbet

    Latest Turnings

    The work of the Master lives on....! Beautiful work, Charlie!
  14. McRabbet

    Counter top Friday

    Beautiful work, Willem. Reminds me of a solid Bubinga Bar top I made for a customer back in 2007. It started out with a high gloss finish, but I buffed it out to a satin finish before I finished it for the customer. Hare are the high gloss and satin finishes.
  15. McRabbet

    Spice box progress

    Superb work!
  16. McRabbet

    Blue ribbon at the County Fair

    Beautiful work!
  17. McRabbet

    NC "In the news"

    Kudos to Stuart for his appearance and mentorship (starts about the 2:15 mark of the video clip).
  18. McRabbet

    New Keepsake Box

  19. McRabbet

    Newbie and new member Western NC-hope pics are ok

    Welcome to the forum -- nice work you've done. Let us know where in western NC you are located -- I'm in Hendersonville and we have a woodworking club (Western NC Woodworkers Association) that meets every 2nd Saturday at the Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Fletcher and would be happy to have...
  20. McRabbet

    New Boxes

    Beautiful work as always Dan!

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