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    Festool DF 500 - $650 (Matthews) GONE

    Its a scam, please dont fall for it.
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    Thinking of getting a Laguna revo 1524

    Thank you! I googled technical tools lathe but didnt come up with anything. Do you have a link? Im researching just about anything I can right now.
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    Thinking of getting a Laguna revo 1524 Are there any others I should consider? I don’t have 220 in the shop. I want to get into larger turnings. I currently have a rikon bench top which has been amazing. Just need something bigger for bowls and platters. I would love to...
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    Cutting Board - Warping

    As others have said its too thin for end grain. I make my end grain no less than 1 3/4" thick but mostly 2". Thin boards like that are better off being plastic or bamboo. I would make a new one for him. Lots of people her work in their garage, so dont let that deter you.
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    Festool mft/3 table and Festool Jigsaw

    I replied to the few people who sent me a PM. Its going on facebook marketplace for higher prices today.
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    Festool mft/3 table and Festool Jigsaw

    Prices reduced.
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    Festool mft/3 table and Festool Jigsaw

    Sorry for the delay. I already own that sander but thanks. Just need the rotex.
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    Festool mft/3 table and Festool Jigsaw

    Located in N Raleigh. Cash preferred. Table/accessories $420 Jigsaw- $140 (possible trades) Rotex sander. I will double check my shop but I bet I have some more accessories that go with the table. I will update the post when I get out there later today. I bought it used a few years ago and...
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    Sandpaper test

    I personally used the 80 grit on my festool sander and can vouch for it. It sanded very quickly and so far seems to last longer. Still using the first piece so we will see how long it lasts.
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    Is anyone here selling a home in Hillsborough?

    Im an agent and showed a home in Hillsborough today with a nice shop and very nice tools. Just curious if it was anyone here. Beautiful home.
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    Sandpaper test

    I used the 80 grit that I ordered and its amazing. I will not buy any more festool sand paper from now on. Dust collection is the same on my festool sander/vacuum and no need to line up holes anymore.
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    Heating my shed this winter

    Yes I just run a propane heater to heat it up when needed. Not worth insulating, adding electric, adding a mini split for the short time im in there.
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    Sandpaper test

    I just ran out of festool 80 grit so glad I watched this. I’m giving the 3m xtract a shot. I always thought festool paper was great and worth the cost but it seems 3m blows it out of the water.
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    Klingspor Extravaganza this year??????

    It could be a persons choice if they want any risk, or stay home if you dont. Theres a vaccine, people can take it if they want to mitigate any risk. I dont need someone deciding what is safe for me or not. Covid is here with us forever, gotta learn to live with it.
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    IPE - wood movement

    It looks so nice, I wouldn't even want chairs on it haha. I searched for about a year to buy on Lake Gaston but prices soared so I got priced out. I ended up finding one on Lake Royale that I closed on in June. Prices there are soaring now so I lucked out. My next project there is going to build...
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    Beams - White Oak

    I need a long beam and can pick up in the evening or this weekend. I need one for a mantle. Please hold one for me.
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    Looking for a barn beam for a mantel

    Are you near the triangle?
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    Looking for a barn beam for a mantel

    Does anyone near the triangle have something laying around they would be willing to sell? I will grab measurements today but looking for something around 5' or less and 6"+ thick and 6"+ deep would be preferred. Looking for something old and gray/brown or a combination. Preferably a hardwood and...
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    How much is quarter sawn red oak worth per bf?

    My buddy has a decent stack of quarter sawn red oak 4/4 or 5/4 in North Raleigh rough sawn. Stack is decent size, probably 75bf-100bf or more. What would be a fair price to ask per bf for this? We plan to get it measured out later this week or next.
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    Thinking of doing wood counters, questions…

    looks amazing. How do you typically apply waterlox? your top is face grain right? Do you domino or biscuit them together?

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