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  1. crokett

    In Need Of A Wide Belt Sander

    I have some wood that a luthier gave me that is too small to make guitars out of but I can use it for ukuleles. It's 5 or 6 pieces, the widest is probably 14". As-is it is too thick to be used for a uke and too thin to plane. I live in the RPT area of NC and am willing to go as far west as...
  2. crokett

    Edit An Ad

    I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I posted an classified add but want to add more pictures and a price.
  3. crokett

    need wood turner for a demonstration

    My parents own a small heritage farm. They are having a farm day on April 24th. My dad asked about doing turning demonstrations. It will be a little sketchy for me. We have our house under contract so my shop is getting packed up. It wouldn't cost you anything and there would be space to...
  4. crokett

    Is There Somebody With a Pressure Pot in or near RTP NC?

    I have some fairly punky pignut hickory. I was hoping it could be stablized, possibly with some colored resin. I want to make a travel coffee mug out of it so it is a larger piece - about 3" square by 10" long. Could this be done? I will pay for it, or I can barter walnut, hickory, cedar, or...
  5. crokett

    I Can See The Future

    and it involves sanding (at least mine does). 6 bowls waiting and I am working on a 7th. :wsmile:
  6. crokett

    What's Wrong With My Turning Tool?

    I made myself a bent hollower/undercut tool. I have a small sorby - 3/8" round steel but wanted something larger and longer. I used 1/2" square steel and did the bend in my dad's forge, then drilled and tapped for a screw to hold a carbide cutter. The cutter is 1/2" round. The problem is when...
  7. crokett

    Oak Blanks

    I have a tree guy coming out to look at an oak I need to get taken down. It is still alive, but is leaning and has been for a while - at some point before we bought the house something pushed it partially over. Anyway, it is ~20" across at the base. I don't know if it is red oak, white oak or...
  8. crokett

    Some Recent Work

    Stocking stuffers: These are my first small turnings. After my wife saw these it was announced that I am making most of the Christmas gifts next year. A set of wine glasses: wihite oak burl bowl, 5" dia 3" high: Finish is CA over BLO, I added the BLO for a little color. white oak...
  9. crokett

    HF Carbide Tool Tips

    Has anyone used the carbide tool tips from HF? I am going to try to get to my dad's forge this weekend to make a larger hollowing tool. I will plan on it having replaceable tips. I saw the ones at HF. If you used them. how did you attach them to your tool?
  10. crokett

    A Burl Bowl

    White oak burl that somebody gave me. A commission of sorts. Here is the rough turning. there was a ton of bark. You can see that in the first pic. I turned it down smaller then I wanted, then dug out the rest of it. In the second pic you see the void. That will stay for the final turning...
  11. crokett

    Pen Blanks for Pens For Veterans Or The Like

    I don't do pens but have some cut-offs from various projects. Right now I have walnut and mulberry and an unkown wood. I hate throwing away wood. I'd like to give the stuff to somebody who will use it, ideally for pens for veterans or some-such. If you are part of a turning club (or not)...
  12. crokett

    Planning An End-Grain Box

    as a birthday gift for my wife. I want it to have a finial and a foot. The loose plan is to turn the stock for the box round, cut tenons on each end, then cut the tenon/part the lid off all between centers. Next I would hollow the top and bottom in the chuck and do final sanding and finish...
  13. crokett

    Class Tonight

    Green Mulberry. About 9" wide and 5" high. Mulberry is interesting, it didn't really create much in the way of long peelings. I did some practicing last week on some firewood with gouge technique. I've been having problems with depth control but the practicing helped a lot on this bowl.
  14. crokett

    DNA Method For Drying A Bowl

    This is admittedly a very small sample but... a 12" green polar bowl and a 10" green poplar bowl soaked in DNA a few weeks ago are both just about dry and ready to finish. A green 8" walnut bowl that was nonetheless not nearly as wet as the poplar was turned last week and not soaked in DNA. I...
  15. crokett

    Sharpening A Handsaw

    I have 2 handsaws, a Disston and a Ridgid. I want to refile the Ridgid to rip and sharpen the Disston. This write-up makes it seem pretty straight forward, although I will have to make a wood jaw set for my bench vise and I need to find a source for the files. Is there anything else I need or...
  16. crokett

    My Roadside Find

    Well I got the log cut today. Ended up with 4 bowl blanks and an end-grain box blank. Here are 2 of them. I can get about an 8" bowl I think from each. It is much prettier than I expected. If you are near Hillsborough and want to stop, the work was done on the by-pass from 70 to the...
  17. crokett

    I Think I Am An Addict

    I dropped my daughter off at school and on the way back to my home office saw where there was some work done clearing trees at the power lines. So I stopped. Got a decent piece of something. I think the real problem is now I am sitting here wondering what errand I can run this weekend to go...
  18. crokett

    More Pictures From Class

    It has been a few weeks. Here's what I did tonight. It is about 13". The instructor thinks I might lose it. I turned it down just under 1" and he is afraid it will warp too much to be able to finish it. I sure hope that doesn't happen.
  19. crokett

    Learned How To Weld Today

    Made my version of the wolverine grinding jig out of 3.00 worth of tube steel, 2 old mower blades and a machine screw. Also had a great couple hours with my dad. The welds aren't pretty but I don't think they will break. I still need to do more shaping with my angle grinder. When I have...
  20. crokett

    Turning A Large Bowl

    I have the opportunity on Friday to get a Redbud stump that is about 15" in dia. It is still alive so would need to be roughed, then let to dry. Class has a lathe big enough to do the roughing, and I have an instructor to help, but my lathe only has a 12" swing. Can I rig a tool rest and turn...

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