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  1. J

    Progress on Metal Inlay Box

    Nice! I'd say you have the brass cutting down pretty well. Looking forward to seeing it completed.
  2. J

    What is the sound of one dovetail snapping?

    If you wanted to keep the old one, you might consider shortening the drawer sides and bottom by about 1/2 to 3/4" and cut new tails in them. Then clean out a pocket on the face and make some new pins on a separate piece that gets glued into the pocket. It would be barely noticeable. Just a...
  3. J

    Wishing the NCWW family a happy Thanksgiving day

    Best wishes to all!
  4. J

    I need an idea..

    If the brick is red then maybe this or a painted white version. If the brick is white as in the photo, then a darker wood. You could add the cupola as an inkwell - judges like inkwells :)
  5. J

    Candle Holders

    The blue inlay is a pre-dyed wood veneer (not sure what species) from set onto hard maple (the light outline).
  6. J

    Candle Holders

    Just finished this second set of candle holders to go with set already delivered.
  7. J

    Latest Turnings

    These are incredibly beautiful as usual. The walnut really sets the pieces off.
  8. J

    Monthly contest - Holiday gifts

    For my grandson -
  9. J

    Post what you're building..

    Wow! That is gorgeous!
  10. J

    Gear making demonstration/tutorial

    It's been suggested we cap this at 8 total people in the shop - I think that's a good idea, so let's close it up for now. I'll send PMs to attendees shortly.
  11. J

    Gear making demonstration/tutorial

    Yes - I plan on having a handout as well as an excel spreadsheet to go from the various parameters to other parameters and vice versa. I use it all the time.
  12. J

    Ok dust seems to be the enemy

    Here are a couple of documents that helped me design my system. It's really just an electrical circuit with a relatively high internal "battery" resistance (blower curve). Add up all the "voltage drops" (static pressure losses) and make sure the "current" (air flow) stays above 3000fmp. My...
  13. J

    Gear making demonstration/tutorial

    There was excellent response to the first solicitation, so with Mike's help, we've locked down a date for the gear making tutorial/demonstration - Saturday Dec 11 at 1:00pm at Mike's shop. Should last about 2 hours. If you are (still) interested, reply here and I will PM you his shop address...
  14. J

    Best finish for Ambrosia Maple

    Here's an example of adding some color tone. The piece is about 2 years old, so it's already yellowed to the degree it will go. Stain sequence (all wiped on): Zinsser seal coat cut 1:2 Minwax "Natural" stain 2 coats Minwax gloss poly cut 1:1 Very light sanding 300 grit after 2nd PU coat 1 coat...
  15. J

    When a vendor lets you down

    Applaud you for the customer service. We need more of that.
  16. J

    Another New User From Charlotte

    Welcome Jordon!
  17. J

    Best finish for Ambrosia Maple

    Agree with Fred - if you are not going to try to modify the tone, no need for a sanding sealer. Here's what you'll get.
  18. J

    Kichen design 2

    Well, they'll get their 10,000 steps in!
  19. J

    Kichen design 2

    Looks very nice - but where's the fridge? Not seeing the convenient triangle of work; sink, stove, fridge. I'm certainly not an expert, but would move the oven out and put the fridge there.

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