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  1. David Turner

    How about "Making Saws Thursday"

    At the far back is a tenon saw with a spalted maple handle, next is a gent's saw that I re-handled with a cherry grip, panel saw to the right is a Keaton reproduction 5 1/2 points rip that will have a crotch walnut handle, and to the left is four dovetail saws that have curly/tiger maple...
  2. David Turner

    How about "Hedge Apple" Wednesday

    Thank you Chris Black for the chunk of Osage Orange ! That black streak at the bottom is not a crack, it is the darker grain showing through.
  3. David Turner

    Well how about a little Tool Box Tuesday

    Hand Tool Storage
  4. David Turner

    London Pattern Chisel Handles-Plans

    Anybody have plans/templates for these octagon handles? Neighbor has asked me to replace his plastic handles on his chisels.
  5. David Turner

    Bandsaw Tires?

    My Powermatic band saw needs new tires. Are you supposed to glue them on?
  6. David Turner

    WTB Woodsmith Magazine Issue 256

    I would like to find issue #256. I am interested in building the R.C. boat that was in that issue. Please advise. David Turner
  7. David Turner

    Adaptation of Isaac Young Clock

    Solid cherry adaptation of the 180 year old Hancock Shaker Village hanging wall clock by Isaac Young. Battery powered movement that swings pendulum. I built this many years ago and no longer have a place for it so it will be selling on Craig's List. Just in time for Christmas.
  8. David Turner

    Keepsake box/cabinet (2)

    I have two boxes/cabinets made from heart pine from the Thomasville Furniture factory flooring that was removed from between the second and fourth floors of the facility. The facility is in Thomasville, N.C. and was built in 1917. I am selling these two on Craig's list. They are 8" wide x 8"...
  9. David Turner

    Christmas Keepsake Boxes

    Just finished 10 walnut Christmas keepsake boxes and one mahogany (carved flower top) birthday keepsake box. All have handcut dovetail corners and are felt lined.
  10. David Turner

    WTB Birdseye Maple pieces

    I am building four dovetail saws as gifts and would like to have four pieces 5” wide X 6” long. x 1” thick. Advise if you have some Birdseye.
  11. David Turner

    Ball & Claw Tilt and Turn Table

    I have my next project well underway although I am not yet happy with the ball and claws. I think I need to lower the tendons and work the ball more round from the side view. More later as it progresses. David There is a story that goes along with this project. I started the B & C legs 15 plus...
  12. David Turner

    Mahogany Rot proof?

    I need to build a bracket for my hose reel and have Honduran mahogany in stock. I know they construct storm windows out of mahogany but of course it is painted. Will the mahogany last in an outdoor situation?
  13. David Turner

    1765 Reproduction of John Townsend Knee Hole Bureau is Finished

    Happy day; it has been a long year and half but the bureau is now finally finished. David Turner
  14. David Turner

    How to antique hinges?

    I am finishing up my John Townsend bureau by installing the brasses and need to age a set of bright brass hinges that go on the kneehole door to match the rest of the hardware. I have the hinges soaking in lacquer thinner now to remove the lacquer coating. What should I soak them in next...
  15. David Turner

    Backsaws for sale/SOLD

    Have eight backsaws that I would sell. All need sharpened and cleaned. Some have handles that have been reglued. Some have brass backs and some have metal backs. I am thnking $50 each. If there is enough interest I can put pictures on line for your review. David Turner/Tool Monger
  16. David Turner

    Good Coping Saw Frame?

    I have not had good success with the big box store coping saws so when I received an Amazon gift card for father's day, I placed an order for a Knew Concepts saw. Problem is I think I purchased the wrong saw. I got the 5" Mk. IV Heavy Duty with Swiveling Blade Clamps. Upon receipt and opening...
  17. David Turner

    Lie Nielsen Counter sink/sold

    LN new manual counter sink tool. New and never used in the original box. $40/sold
  18. David Turner

    Lie Nielsen 1/2" corner chisel/sold

    LN 1/2" new corner chisel with original box. $75/sold 1/2" is no longer available from LN which now makes this a collector item
  19. David Turner

    Lie Nielsen Screwdriver set/sold

    8 Piece LN screwdriver set, new with original box and free leather carry bag $280
  20. David Turner

    Industrial 30" pedestal fan

    It is always hot in my 2 car garage workshop so I purchased a HD industrial two speed 6400/8400 cfm fan. Wow does it move some air, too much. And the noise is deafing. I have to wear my hearing protection even while perfoming hand tool work. Question for you electrical experts. Can I purchase...

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