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    Nova galaxy dvr

    I bought the original nova dvr (?) about 10 years ago from Klingspor. Couldn't ask for a better lathe. I did have lightning blow out a circuit board once. Don't leave it plugged in any more!
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    Klingspor's / Woodcraft Question

    Got my supermax from klingspor in Hickory. Pulled to the side of the building and they loaded it in my truck. No fuss, no muss.
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    Drum sander recommendations

    You can't go wrong the supermax 16/32. I bought one new a few months ago and really love it. As mentioned, dust collection is excellent along with other features.
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    Asheville CL: Tempest2 pcx dust collector - $300 (Brevard)

    Mike Does the Tempest have a 5 inch intake? Thanks.
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    First Drum Sander Thoughts

    I have had the Super max for a couple of months and really like it. I use it every time I am in the shop. As mentioned, it has a few features that the Jet does not.
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    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    Steve I will have to check on the price. I don't remember for sure. I usually get several items and don't pay attention to individual costs, in the 40's I'm sure. Probably not good enough for a trip to Hickory. The hardwoods are very reasonably priced I think. They have a website but not much...
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    Baltic Birch 3/4 x 4' x 8'

    I buy this plywood at Catawba Hardwoods in Hickory in any amount. It is really good plywood, 13 plys and no voids or patches. Looks good as well.
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    Sharpening Service List?

    Boston tool and saw in Hickory does great sharpening and retoothing. 3rd generation business.
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    Dewalt 735 problem

    Thanks to everyone for the input. Phillip had the winning answer! One of the shields has a bend (kink) in it and therefore will not seat properly. Luckily an easy fix. Come to find out, my FIL ran a large (thick) piece that got cross wise and bent the shield. What a great resource this forum is!
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    Dewalt 735 problem

    DLC, At first I thought that was the problem but the carriage stops before it reaches the depth stop (rod).
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    Dewalt 735 problem

    Thanks Phillip, I will take a look.
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    Dewalt 735 problem

    Without any known incident, my 735 planer will only go down to about 2 inches of the deck. It will rack all the way to the top but going down it stops at the same height every time. There is no visible damage to either of the 4 threaded posts. The chain that turns the sprockets on the posts is...
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    Drill press mortise attachment

    Paul Sellers is my hero, but I am just to old to take time to cut mortises by hand. As I mentioned I have the Mortise Master but the Morley looks good too. The perfect offset feature of the MM is amazing.
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    Drill press mortise attachment

    I just bought a Mortise Master in order to switch from traditional M & T to slip tenon joints. The jig is very versatile and super easy to use.
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    An amateur builds a kitchen...

    Not exactly related but helps to know that I am not the only one. I recently bought some nice 6 inch hard maple to use in a segmented bowl and when I ripped some 1.5 inch strips they turned into pretzels.
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    New Member from Sherrills Ford

    Welcome, I live in Conover.
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    New Porter Cable 15" drill press

    Hi oka, how did you remove the old chuck?
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    Picnic Door Prizes

    Thanks! I got it.
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    Picnic Door Prizes

    I know I am slow but I can't seem to get to a place to purchase raffle tickets. The links I have found go to a page with 2 other links (raffle rules and prize thread). No place to enter personal info nor payment plan.
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    Phenolic saw plates cheap!

    Bruce, what a great gesture. I would like 4 for a Saw Stop 3HP Professional and 2 for a Dewalt 780 Compound Sliding Miter if it is not too late. I live in Conover so no problem with pickup. Thanks so much! Doug Vinson 244.4321

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