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  1. taandctran

    Any interest in Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) wood?

    I turned a couple of pieces into pens a while back. Some of the best pens I have ever made. Wood really had some figure in it.
  2. taandctran

    First Pen

    great looking pens. they make great presents!
  3. taandctran

    Martial Art Weapon (The Human Being Bat)

    I grew up in Martial Arts. Southern Chinese/ Vietnamese Martial Arts to be exact. I have never seen one of these. I imagine that these, like most weapons in Martial Arts are just for coordination and strength. Pretty neat though!
  4. taandctran

    bolt action pen kits any good?

    Has anyone ever turned any of the "bolt action" pens? I see them advertised and I think they would be cool to turn, but I'm wondering about the quality of the kits
  5. taandctran

    Latest Turnings, Again

    segmented turnings are awesome!!!
  6. taandctran

    Late but The Christmas gifts I made

    ohh.. ok... never saw wooden rings... I've used metal rings for years... traditional kung fu styles use metal rings, for the relaxing noise more then for the weight! those rings look nice though!! excellent job
  7. taandctran

    Late but The Christmas gifts I made

    what does he use the wood rings for??
  8. taandctran

    Christmas tree pen??

    I actually have a couple Christmas trees in the building i have been saving up.... I just dont know if it would be worth cutting them up to turn. dont know if the wood would look good enough
  9. taandctran

    Christmas tree pen??

    seems though I now have this dead tree standing in my living room... I'm wondering if anyone has ever turned anything out of a Christmas tree... More specifically a pen?? I'm guessing it wouldn't be anything that looks great, but I was just wondering!!:gar-Bi
  10. taandctran

    Chainsaw Bar Oil

    You may want to check out this site..... The people on there are kind of chainsaw addicts, so take everything they say to heart.... I think some of the members may sleep with their chainsaws. But there is some good info on chainsaws, and chainsaw milling...
  11. taandctran

    Any NCWWs a home appraiser??

    I dont know alot about house buying and selling. I do know that my uncle bought 3 houses in Florida about 8 years ago, with intention of selling them in 5 or so years for a profit. All 3 were in the $250-$275k price range. Well 5 years later they were ready to sale them and all 3 had lost...
  12. taandctran


    Guy proably was checking to see if you have some type or security system so that he could possibly come back later. We have a couple of dogs out side that bark and alert the Doberman that is inside of anything that may be sneaking around. Pretty much any house or building within 100 yards of...
  13. taandctran

    Super Glue ToThe Rescue

    Jeff.... I would have a rough time putting anything called chicken poop any where near my lips:nah::gar-La;..... I have some chickens and they are pretty nasty critters.
  14. taandctran

    Shop Cold? Very Cheap Heat

    amazing what you can do with a barrel. This is probably safer then a real wood stove. this has to layers and most wood stoves only have 1 thick layer. I say if you burn logs in this then they would burn even longer, and proably hotter then with saw dust.
  15. taandctran

    Happy Birthday taandctran

    Thanks alot guys. Everyone always celebrates my birthday :gar-Bi
  16. taandctran

    Chain saw Grinder

    I dont have it but my step dad has it. He bought his from norther tool in G-boro. I think he only gave about $100 for it. I usually use a file for about 10 sharpening and take them to him for a good sharpening after that. He might see my chains once a year.
  17. taandctran

    In Search of Unfinished Maple flooring

    Check Craigslist. I got some oak for dirt cheap. (400+sq ft. for $75) and I have saw maple for around the same price. just have to keep looking and be patient.
  18. taandctran

    Stihl Chain Saw Recall

    One of the more popular "pro" model saws. Hope no one got hurt using it.
  19. taandctran

    ISO wood for teething toys

    I always got the wood for toys like that from a Green Log. I wold cut it into rough slabs with a chainsaw and then plane it down. It wold have to dry but I know where it came from and for the most part where it had been. If you want I can see about rough cutting some up the next time I cut...
  20. taandctran

    Peak auction in Charlotte Saturday

    WOW:eek: look at those slabs of wood in the 6th picture down

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